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  • GinoC17 - Enlightening and well-researched: Amazing book!Radley Balko's 'Rise of the Warrior Cop' is a fantastic read, especially in light of the daily degradation of our civil rights. Balko's book is a lesson in history, law, Constitutional rights, and more. So well-researched, Balko is one of the best investigative journalists period. This book will make you think long after you've turned the last page.
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  • Ball's "Steven B." - Great healthy ProtienThis makes very tasty fruit smoothies with very little effort we can this to our smoothies for just the right protein boost.

    We use this as a breakfast/lunch meal replacement and it works great.

    This and a 30 minute workout 3-5 days and we have shed many pounds and continue to stay healthy.

    We tried many things before this all the usual's Whey, rice, hemp and we were not happy with any of them.
    We have been using this for a couple of years now and remain very happy.

    When mixed with fruit fresh/frozen this taste Great and we feel great too.
  • Adam B - Updated Review 3/3/2013 - My Lumia is running perfect nowSee the updates under my original review.

    Original review:
    The Lumia 920 is a great smartphone. The tiles can be resized and moved so it was easy to customize my start screen to suit my needs. I like getting updated information from the live tiles. I hope more apps are developed to take full advantage of the live tiles. I plan on getting one for my mother because her bad eyes can easily see the medium resized tiles on the OS.

    The camera takes very clear pictures most of the time and there are camera apps that add more functions to the camera like multishoot and panorama. There aren't a lot of camera settings but there are enough for most users.

    The wi-fi is able to pick up signals from most of my neighbors and our houses have a good bit of space between them. The wi-fi signal in my 920 is stronger than my desktop's wired connection. Speedtest shows my 920 getting 3 times the speed of my wired desktop connection at the same distance from the router.

    Having access to all my documents and mobile MS Office on my phone is very useful. I can just load my documents onto a skydrive and access them anywhere and on any of my devices. I have my skydrive loaded with my SNES games, school documents, and work documents. It's free but it's limited to 7GB total storage and files can't be above 2GB.

    The screen is large and displays images beautifully. I've watched a few movies on it and the large screen is a huge improvement over my other phones. The large screen also makes games easier to see and control.

    There are tons of apps in the app store. I spent hours looking at all the different apps. All the most useful apps were free and there were a lot of free games in the store too. My favorite app is the SNES emulator. I'm enjoying playing all my old super nintendo games again. I'm very happy with my purchase.

    1/31/2013 - Update: Avoid Battery Apps

    I began having problems with my Lumia 920 freezing, overheating, and the battery draining a little faster than usual. After reading similar problems and solutions I was able to elminate those problems by uninstalling a battery app that I downloaded from the app store. Battery apps don't come preloaded on the phone. It's best to avoid them so they don't cause problems.

    2/17/2013 - Update: Constant Crashing

    I'm having problems with my Lumia 920 again. It's constantly locking up and forcing me to reset it. There are many apps that can cause problems so I disabled all of them. I also disabled the built in automatic clock updates because it can cause the Lumia 920 to crash. After about 10 mintues of playing any game on the phone it crashes, even when background apps, bluetooth, and auto clock updates are all disabled. It also gets very hot. I've tried to play games with my protective case off to see if that was causing it to overheat and crash, that didn't help.

    I regret buying this phone now. I paid full price through Amazon Wireless so it was a very expensive mistake. The constant crashing is the only thing I don't like about the phone. If you don't play games or use apps then this phone would be a good choice. If you use apps and play games on your phone then you should avoid the Lumia 920. Consider a different model Lumia or a Windows phone from a different manufacturer.

    3/3/2013 - Update: My Lumia 920 is running perfect now

    After uninstalling more apps and updating everything my Lumia 920 is finally running without crashing. I think my problems were fixed by the new HERE Drive, HERE City Lense, HERE Maps, and HERE Transit apps that replaced the old versions. I've been adding apps back onto the phone and I've been using it a lot more than usual for testing purposes and it's running smooth. Now I can recommend this phone to my friends and family. The freezing issue was the only flaw the Lumia 920 had, now it's flawless.