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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Veronika - This really worksI have been plagued by IBS-D for years....just eating yogurt didn't seem to help. I tried other probiotics that didn't seem to work either. After three weeks of Align every day, I saw a major improvement, and since taking it for about nine months now, I feel about 90% better. Definitely worth a try for anyone who has digestive troubles.
  • Floyd Goodrich "Jim G." - High tech heavenWe had an older set of Panasonic cordless telephones but with the bombardment of nuisance calls I wanted a phone I could block them. I've had this phone for four days now and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. It has dozens of neat features and all are easy to change if wanted. Blocking calls are very easy, about three button presses and the numbers get blocked. We have programed our incoming calls into three groups, family in group 1, friends in group 2, businesses and doctors in group 3. I assigned a different tune for each one so I know what group is calling. If the call isn't from a person in those groups it makes a regular bell ring and you know chances are its a nuisance call. This phone system has it all and I mean all you could want except Blu-tooth. With the ability to block 250 nuisance calls life should be better while trying to watch TV again.
  • Ursiform - Totally Random!Sure, you think you can just open up your spreadsheet and generate random numbers at will. But did you know that those are only pseudo-random numbers? They are, right out of a pseudo-random number generator. While that may be good enough for everyday use, on those special occasions when only the real thing will do, this is the book you need. Truly random digits, and in copious quantities. This is the mother load of true randomness on earth.