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  • Sammie - Great ProductI'm only on my third day using this product and I can say that it really does work.

    I normally go one time a day but this product made me go three times a day. In addition to taking this product I have also been eating a lot of greens along with my normal foods and wake up without that tired feeling. Nothing has changed with my daily routines either.

    For those of you looking to cleanse your body then this is the real deal. I was skeptical at first but this product made me a believer.
  • Daniel B - This shirt is for alphas onlyYou have to dress for success and this wolf shirt is the tool for your career and everyday life. Last July, I had a job interview for a prestigious brothel. Wearing my wolf shirt; with sunglasses, a bandanna, and jean shorts; I was ready to rock that interview.

    Tiffany, the waitress/bartender/receptionist, was sitting at the counter on that hot summer afternoon; fanning herself while twirling her blond hair and chewing bubblegum. Her boredom quickly dissipated when she nearly swallowed her gum after seeing me walk in and announcing that I was applying for the bouncer position. Tiffany smiled, showing the bubblegum that stuck to her teeth. She popped her bubblegum and announced my arrival to the proprietor who called himself “Nasty Neal”

    I shook Neal’s heavily tattooed hand of skulls and crossbones. He saw my shirt and smiled. Chewing his tobacco and sipping from his glass of Tito’s vodka, he led me to his office cluttered in empty bottles of Jack Daniel’s. I conjectured that Neal took recycling seriously. Neal could not get his eyes off my wolf shirt. He explained to me that his brothel was a place where tough people socialized. “These guys are like a pack of wolves,” he explained in his Tennessean accent. “They tear the place up. They need an alpha wolf to lead and keep the pack in line.” I explained to Neal that I was that wolf. I showed him my shirt and explained to him that I represented the bottom wolf howling away from the moon, that wolf was the alpha while the others followed his howl.
    Neal was mesmerized by my revelation and hired me on the spot with the condition I wear the wolf shirt every night. Tiffany was ecstatic to be working with me. She let me sip from her glass of scotch covered in lipstick while explaining my duties in between popping her cherry flavored bubblegum.

    This is my go to shirt. I wear it to the gym, church, and Walmart. In between my bouncing job and hustles with Neal and Tiffany, I wear it to medical school where I am studying to be a surgeon.
  • spodi - great shoe, well ventedThis pair of shoes is replacing an old pair of Cannondale MTB shoes. These are well vented (almost too much so for cool weather riding). Over all an excellent purchase.
    The only qualm I have would be with the sizing, they seem to run a little smaller than the other size 43 shoes I have, not so much that it makes for an uncomfortable fit, but a little more snug than I was expecting.

    Pes 2012 el juego para gente que de verdad sepa de futbol o halla jugado futbol en vivo, es un simulador total del mejor deporte del mundo, cuando tu juegas pes tienes que tener control de todo desde la potencia con que das el pase hasta el momento en que vas a simular una falta. la gente que sabe de futbol en altos niveles sabe que este es un juego para personas mayores y que tenga movilidad mental como con los dedos, ya que un movimiento en falso es fatal ya que seguro te meten una pepa(gol).

    Ein hablar de las licensias de la uefa europa, champions, libertadores de america, entre otras ligas, puedes crear estadios, instalarle parches, crear la liga de tu pais o hasta la de tu barrio o comunidad. es en si el mejor juego de futbol que jamas halla existido.

    El online es calidad solo que en venezuela la conexion de internet es de 2 megas y aveces se me desconecta solo y pierdo el partido. pero lo bueno del online es la liga master online que poco a poco vas apostando tu dinero contra otros jugadores para poder poder adquirir dinero y comprar jugadores como walcot, messi, gerrard, cassano(forza cass), etc.

    En fin se despide el campeon de pes 2011 en ps3 en la COPA SONY-INTERCABLE de venezuela... saludos nos vemos en la copa fox.


    Pes 2012 the game for people who really know football or soccer is played live, is a simulator of the best sport in the whole world, when you play pes have to have control of everything from the power that you give the pass so far you're going to fake a foul. people who know football know that high levels this is a game for the elderly and mentally and have mobility with your fingers, because one false move is fatal because it sure will put a pit (goal).

    Ein's license to talk about the UEFA European Champions League, Libertadores de America, among other leagues, you can create stadiums, installing patches, create a league of your country or even in your neighborhood or community. is itself the best soccer game ever is there.

    The online is just in Venezuela as the internet connection is 2 megabytes and sometimes I get disconnected and lose one game. but the good thing about online is the online master league gradually go betting your money against other players in order to acquire money to buy players like Walcott, messi, gerrard, Cassano (cass forza, etc.).

    In the end says goodbye to the champion of pes 2011 on ps3 in the COPA SONY-Intercable Venezuela ... greetings in the cup we fox.
  • Jeff Pierson II - DISCONTINUED!!!I really wanted the "Busy Office Page-a-Day and Notepad 2013 Calendar" and so did everyone in my office...

    I hope the publisher brings it back!!!