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  • Kevin "scandaloususer01" - Is the Pope Catholic? Not according to Sister Sarah.It's my favorite time of year again! It comes earlier every year and grows in strength every time. Is it Thanksgiving? No. Christmas? Closer.

    It's the War on Christmas, that festive time of year when we reflect on the true meaning of making sure other people know there is a war against Christmas.

    What would you say is the greatest threat to the greatest of holidays Jesus gave to us? Is it over-commercialisation, which Charlie Brown was complaining about back in the '60s? Or the fact that Christmas shopping next year will start just after St. Patrick's Day? Or just the general un-Christmas like behavior of people fighting for parking spaces and hot new toys at the mall while ignoring their families at home?

    If you answered any of the above three, you're probably one of those godless liberals who need this book. No my friend, the answer of course is those atheists, bah-humbuging this joyous time for all of us and trying to take it back to the Roman Saturnalia, where men would give each other gifts, drink and fornicate with each other. Wouldn't those sodomites forcing equal marriage on us love that?

    Sarah Palin, truly the voice of our grandparent's generation, bravely sets out to right this wrong. Christmas isn't about sharing the holiday quietly with your family. It's about shoving it down the throats of people who don't believe (or don't believe hard enough), and creating animosity and fear so we get rid of those people stopping us from spreading a holiday about peace and good will to all men.

    This is a book necessary for this day and age, not just a cheap cash-in that can be rolled out every holiday until consistency=tradition. I will share this book with my loved years every year, and keep it prominently on my shelf right next to my copy of Ayn Rand's It's a Wonderful Life, where Mr. Potter is praised for his cleverness, and Clarence lets George kill himself for creating a culture of dependency.
  • Chica - LIFE-CHANGING!!!!!I am literally crying right now. I have recently been diagnosed with "whooping hand syndrome" from using pens specifically meant & designed for men. All of my doctors told me I should try using a feather & ink to write with. But no, I insisted on pushing the limits & continue to use the handheld boulder. I now have permanent nerve damage. But I can now say I have a brighter future ahead of me. BIC finally has designed a pen to meet the needs of the modern WOMAN!!!!! It is so light, I sometimes even forget I am holding it! It is like writing with air! Even my little delicate, fragile hands can grip it with ease! Thank you, BIC! You are now a recipient in my will.
  • Samantha - I love this pan!Bought one of these at an As Seen on TV store to give it a try. I was afraid the commercial would be a lie but was very pleasantly surprised. After seasoning the pan I used it to cook some Italian sausage. Normally I'd have sausage crumbs burnt onto the pan.. but with the Orgreenic pan.. he sausage literally SLID out of the pan. Al I had to do was tip it and everything slid out. Cleanup couldn't have been easier. I'm buying more as soon as I find a 12inch skillet with lid.
  • Janie Alonzo "Janie" - I Miss Texas!I was drawn to The Unlikely Lavender Queen mostly because of the lavender. Until three years ago, I lived in the country and the thought of growing lavender had occurred to me.

    I could almost smell the lavender as I read the first chapter. In fact, making the transition from that wonderful chapter and into the reality of her life was slow for me. However, as I read more, I began to relate so much to the unexpected turn of events in her life because of her marriage.

    Jeannie Ralston did a most outstanding job of not only making the best of her situation, but blossoming beyond her expectations, and helping put a small town on the map. Her story was inspiring to me. By the time I finished the book, it had me wanting to move back to my native state of Texas, San Antonio maybe.

    I just wanted to read a book about lavender. Jeannie Ralston gave so much more.