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  • delta "3rd-I" - Tuscan WholesomenessMy love for Tuscan Whole Milk is so great,
    my heart melts for it 'til the dusk of day.
    The night melts when it's away,
    revive , sophisticate 'til day's dawn.

    Its beauty is great,
    Wondering mind 'til it sees,
    wondering is all I do,
    While waiting for the moment, for it to say "I do."
  • RV Driver - Tried 2 tablets before buying this oneSo, the last person on planet earth that thought he would ever have a need or desire for a tablet was me. I work 10 hours on a computer day in and day out (IT manager) and I work another two hours at night on my Dell XPS system post-processing photography and HD video (hobby and side business)

    My wife purchased the Motorola Xoom, loaded with ICS 4.0. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance and how far along the Adroid OS had come along! Then my son bought a new iPad2, which is nice as well (Can't tell that the resolution is higher unless you zoom waaaaaay in on the text) but I'm not an apple guy (Don't drink the Kool aid!) and it was apparent to me that there was equal competition out there in Tablet land.

    After researching for 6 weeks (Using hands-on demos,, and for references) I pulled the trigger on the ASUS Transformer Prime.
    I bought the keyboard accessory as well.

    After 8 weeks of purchase, my Dell XPS 8100 gathers dust (except for post-processing video) and I am thoroughly happy with this tablet. I use it for travel, at work (accessing my cell phone provider data plan on my Android phone, WITHOUT rooting the phone nor the need for a 2nd data plan, thank you) and it is very nice to have just the tablet in bed at night to read. I cannot express my happiness and pleasant experience thus for using this ASUS Transformer Prime tablet.
  • marian "bookworm" - A novel with a twistFemale real estate agents might think twice holding an open house after reading this novel. The story centers around this agent being kidnapped and forced into a nightmare life with a control freak. I found it hard to put this book down. There always seemed to be something to keep me reading. I would recommend Still Missing to anyone who enjoys a mystery with a twist.
  • Dr Bob - Perfection in a boxI looked at this every weekend for a year before buying because of all the 'deep voice on tv is awful' comments. What a mistake its perfect. Plays music great via PC via TV. Movies a million times better. I hear details in music and TV I never noticed before. It doesn't distort, and goes very, very loud. I live in an apartment and its perfect. Ideally it would allow me to stream music directly, but instead must stream via computer - as they say, it's a rich world problem.
  • Erik J. Stenberg - Eye Opening Page TurnerCapably following up his most recent work, What is the What, which was based on a true story but fictionalized, Dave Eggers' newest book, Zeitoun, is one of the most important books I've encountered, painting the real-life picture of a stubborn pay attempting to help fellow New Orleanians, only to be brutalized by those paid to protect us. In telling the story, Eggers does not deviate into the melodramatic, letting the story tell itself. In an era of short attention spans, the atrocities of Katrina have already left the consciousness of many, but this work thrusts itself back into the reader's mindset, forcing the reader to reexamine the impact biases and prejudices have on one's decision making. Strongly, strongly recommended.