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  • Greg Skinner "computer and camera guy" - Our bou LOVES this calendar!!We got our kindergartner one of these this year, and it is probably his favorite thing this month. He is crazy for Lego Star Wars and this was right up his alley.

    The toys are pretty small, but very cute and cleverly designed. The mini AT-AT was awesome! :-)

    It's a bit expensive, but great fun and the perfect gift for your favorite Lego maniac!
  • lubna - Really great tablet!Cant believe people gave it a lot if bad reviews, I live my tablet its awesome♥ and I love the new software, its now like galaxy 4 phones.
  • #1 Kiss Army Soldier "Ramiro" - Probably The Best Floyd Album Ever Released !O.K. First Things First. I have to say that I am really in love with this album. I knew it was going to be a real wonder since my brother bought it for me. Obviously better than A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, and much more powerful and sentimental. A real masterpiece. A TRUE HIT SAVER !

    You have probably heard so many bad reviews about the album, but do not listen to any of them, for this album is unbelivably powerful. EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN DARK SIDE.

    Check out the following review if you are interested in knowing more about this album that kicks ass !!

    Pink Floyd.- The Division Bell

    1.- Cluster One.- Excellent instrumental. One Of The TWO instrumentals in the album along with MAROONED. This instrumental reflects how the rest of the album wil be. - 5/5.

    2.- What Do You Want From Me.- A real masterpiece from Rick and David. The lyrics are kind of "weak", but the song in general : ROCKS !!! -5/5.

    3.- Poles Apart.- AMAZING !! One of the best on the album. AMAZING LYRICS !!!! GREAT SOLO !!!! FLAWLESS GUITAR WORK !!!!

    BEAUTIFUL VOCALS !!!! What else could you possibly expect. -5/5.

    4.- Marooned.- The last instrumental you will find on the album.

    Some of you might already know, but this song is probably the best rock instrumental ever written. The background is amazing. The effects are breathtaking and the effort was huge enough to create a masterpiece. -5/5.

    5.- A Great Day For Freedom.- The lyrics are the best part of the song. The guitar, piano and drum works are also amazing. Specially the guitar solo from Mr. Gilmour. -5/5.

    6.- Wearing The Inside Out.- One of the best songs on the album. The only song sung by Mr. Wright. He does a flawless job on the vocals and on the song all-together. He is amazing as well as this beautiful song. -5/5.

    7.- Take It Back.- The C.D single. Another Excellent song and top 5 on the album. Beautiful song with an amazing vocals. This song has a "U2" "touch". Great job on this one. Beautiful. -5/5.

    8.- Coming Back To Life.- One of my all-time favorite's !!!!



    I JUST LOOOOVE IT !!!! -5/5.

    9.- Keep Talking.- Cool song. Cool sound effect. Great lyrics. This song is as good as any of the ones listed above. One of Floyd's best works. You'll love it as much as "ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL".

    10.- Lost For Words.- GORGEOUS SONG !!!!! I ADORE IT !!!!!

    A very country song with excellent guitar works and solos. The vocals are amazingly graceful. The lyrics are also beautiful. All in all it's just another classic in the wall.

    11.- High Hopes.- A gorgeous song and one of my all-time favorite's. The first song written for the album yet the last one finished. This song is the perfect outro for a very powerful album such as "THE DIVISION BELL". -5/5.

    I recommend you get this album soon so you too can be able to enjoy an album so so powerful and emotional as well as beautiful and entertaining such as this one. The Division Bell.
  • N. Hanna "Book Warden" - Just another excellent book!!Insurgent is a great book for parents to read with their young adult children. Though it has questionable moments that give me pause it is certainly a book I enjoy using to discuss discrimination, segregation, violence and war with my teens. It is much like "The Giver" and "Hunger Games," but from an entirely different perspective. However, because of the violence content, I do not think it is a book that a young teen should read alone.