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  • JBaileySoprano - Wow, A must have for every women!!Wow is all I can say!! This book is just amazing!! I has searched far and wide for a strategy to help me with men. I am just a couple of chapters in and I have not only seen a change in the way I talk to the guys I am attracted to, but anybody I come in contact with! I used to be the very shy girl that stayed in the bad and listened, now I am the one that people want to talk to!! I think the most surprising thing has to be the way I interact with guys that I am attracted to. I have had my eye on one guy and I just wanted to work some of the tricks that I learned and they worked!!! I want to thank you so much!! I am so confident and I love it!! A must have book if you want to be a confident, independent women!! :D
  • Mac Stewart - It Works!I reviewed and analyzed other brands and decided I would try this brand due to the other reviews. I must say this is an excellent product and it does work. I noticed that my stomach bloated some initially but my desire for food and sweets decreased. I would take two tablets in the morning 30-45 minutes before eating and would not eat again until later afternoon taking two more pills and a pill late at night for a snack. Sometime I would forget to eat. As for the stomach the bloating left rather quickly and in one week to ten days I was amazed at the results. I was energized and I experienced zero side effects. It works and you have to eat but you will not have the desire to eat sweets or a lot of food. I recommend this brand highly. In my usage I took the recommended dosage by Dr. Oz even though it differs from the brand's recommended dosage. I believe it will work if you take it 30 minutes before eating on an EMPTY stomach. This is very important for the garcinia cambogia to get into your system and to work effectively. I forgot to mention I have not weighed myself but I know by the loose clothing.
  • Chandra Prasad - A bit broad, but still an excellent resourceThere are only a few books that are must-haves for individuals who are looking to identify their optimum career area. Parachute is one of them. The book is a bit broad and far-reaching-it's meant to help all people with all career choices-but if you can funnel through the reading and apply the principles to yourself on a personal level, Parachute is well worth a careful look. Keep in mind that Parachute is for professionals who have not yet identified what segment of the job market they want to work in, not necessarily for people who have already found their niche and want to thrive.
  • jyhons - It's nice to have variety.As someone who used to by soda and water by the case, because it is typically the cheapest option, I have always got tired of drinking the same flavor about halfway through the case. With not having a lot of storage room for multiple cases this product has been great. Keep a few different flavors of soda and the waters in the cupboard and I can have something different everyday.

    That said, know what you are getting into. Unless you drink lots (I mean many, many gallons worth) of flavored water, this product is not a cheaper alternative to name brand sodas. Here's some math for you:

    Initial cost of the product $100, cost of spare CO2 $30 (you will want have this, then swap them as need for new ones at $15 a cartridge), 2 additional carbonating bottles $15 (very convenient to have at least 4 bottles = Total $145.00

    Another note the CO2 cartridges do not get 60 Liters per cartridge if you follow their 'standard fizz' rule, you will only get about half that.

    Soda price comparison (if you only drink Soda):
    Name brand 24 cans @ $5.00 per case (figuring you only by cases on sale) = $0.20 per can.
    Soda stream = 33 cans per 12 liters @ 5.00 per flavor = $0.15 per can + $0.18 (New CO2 cartridge every 30 Liter or 82.5 cans) grand total $0.33 per can.

    Flavored water price comparison (If you only drink water)
    Perrier Variety Pack - Citron Lemon and Pink Grapefruit - 24 pk, 16.9 oz bottles @ $16 case(Sam's Club),= $0.039 per oz.
    Soda Stream (1 flavor), we have averaged 30 liters per flavor (the lime flavor goes along ways) 1,014 oz for $3 (3 flavor pack is $9) = $0.003 + $0.015 (per oz for CO2 replacement every 30 liters) grand total = $0.018 per oz

    As you can see the initial costs are going to be fairly difficult to make back, unless you drink significantly more water than soda. For us, it has been worth it though. The unit doesn't take up much space, it's quick to clean the bottles, and even quicker to make a soda or flavored water. Best of all for me, I don't get tired of having one flavor over and over.
  • Beth E. Settje - Honest View of Higher EducationAs a parent of a high school student as well as a college educator myself, I was highly intrigued by the title and premise of this book. It is one of the most compelling higher education books I have ever read, and I have read many. Its contents are similar to those found in master's level text books on higher education, yet it is written in a way that is interesting to all, regardless of one's profession. I found the language easy to understand as well as provocative.

    Though I don't agree with all of Selingo's ideas, such as MOOCs and other online type learning as a solid answer to our higher education crisis, I do appreciate the thought and research he put into the subject. The bottom line is that college does cost too much. Students are arriving underprepared and many are graduating that way as well, some with debt that exceeds their career interests. One's major does not determine a career for most professions; the ability to write well and think critically will carry students further than a specific major. However, students have to know how to pick a college that will help them discover and enhance their talents, to guide them to make strong decisions, to prepare them for life as an adult. This book will help those looking at college be more pragmatic and realistic when choosing a school. Students need to ask hard questions about the quality of learning, the way a career office integrates with academics, and how the student can develop skills that are valued in the workforce.

    At the end of the day, a nice residence hall, recreation center or dining facility will certainly enhance the college experience. I have worked in these areas and know their contributions are valid. But it is the student's capacity to learn and apply that learning that makes one's education a strong value. This book introduces the full story of how much higher education costs and how to get the most for one's dollar. As a parent, I will certainly be looking at schools in a more enlightened manner. As a college employee, I will do all I can to be prepared for the questions that will be coming my way.