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  • Alice in Wonderland - A great software package to bundle onto a computer for your student to useEverybody in my house prefers Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for our school-related projects. The new Office 2013 is very good, and easy to use if you are familiar with older Microsoft products. This new Student edition on a key card is easy to install, and has all that a student needs. If you have used Steam, then you will be familiar with the concept of download-only software.

    It is a pain that the software is licensed for only one computer, for just the life of that computer. But, that said, it is a great software package to bundle onto a computer for your student to use.

    (Review of Office Home & Student 2013 Key Card 1PC/1User)
  • Stacey Robertson - A Jolt into RealityThis is a thorough, fascinating history of SWAT and the drug war. I had been reading a lot about the militarization of law enforcement in our cities and towns by DHS, but this book illustrates current conditions in fully sourced detail and in-your-face terms. It is easy to read and difficult to put down if you are interested in this subject matter. It uncovered a multitude of stones and left me with am understanding of the depth of the problem, a curiosity and concern for the status of law enforcement in my home town, and a desire to get involved in rectifying this trend. This book is not an attack on law enforcement, nor is it political propaganda. It is a presentation of the evolution of policies that have incentivized both law enforcement and the public to seek and applaud the militarization of our police, loaded with facts, examples, and references. I highly recommend this book to admirers of the television series "24" and its hero, Jack Bauer. I thoroughly enjoyed that series from start to finish, never once faulting Jack for his methods of saving the day. That's the beauty of television. This is real life. Freedom loving Americans need to read this book.
  • Susan H - Great Meals, Skip Mix InsLearned about Body by Vi from a Facebook friend. Not wanting to get sucked into Challenge, was excited to find the shakes here. Did the shakes twice a day, used my Fitness Pal app to track my calories, and perform 30 min exercise every day... After one week... I lost 9 POUNDS!! Totally surprised... 1st day I felt bloated, so I started drinking more water... I feel great!! I'm 10lbs from my goal & don't expect another big loss like last week. Very tasty shakes & I didn't bother w/ transformation kit & the $249 expense. Figured I'd wait til I plateau before switching it up.