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Queen Street Pharmacy Colchester - Queen Street Pharmacy Colchester, your local pharmacy for Colchester and Essex.


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  • Great1122 - Great GameWoah, what are all these reviews about people down bashing this game. Don't believe all these people. Can't speak for D2 or the original, but D3 is a great game, and even though all the missions for every class is the same it's still pretty cool to hear what each class has to say. People who say Blizzard had 10 years to make x game don't realize how many games Blizzard has released in the last 10 years(expansions included). Anyways I do feel this game is rushed(too many freezes) but looking past that it's a great game and if you give it time, they'll telease a pvp system and a better overall game.
  • BK and Val - Great resourceI am a medical transcriptionist, and usually buy the Drake and Drake Pharmaceutical book each year. Couldn't find one this year though, so went back to Quick Look and very happy I did.
  • Lydia Scoggins - PHENOMENALI am so intrigued by this book. I find it so truthful. I've been telling everybody about it. I can't wait to finish reading it. I have BAITERs memorized......backstabbers, abusers, imposters, takers...I guess I don't have it memorized. I don't remember what the 'E' stands for. I just identified a taker on 20/20 the other night. I want to be able to identify these people instantly. This book is a must-read for every human being on the planet.