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  • _niki - Great Read for Expecting RebelsI absolutely love this book and i am not even half way through it. I followed all the rules for my first pregnancy and always questioned everything. On to my second pregnancy, i am so glad that someone took the time to write such a informative book about the main things that us pregnant women question. Great Read!
  • LMB - A must have for moms to be!Rather than blindly following the advice of doctors who assume I'm not intelligent enough to make personal choices, I now feel equipped to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery while eating sushi and drinking my morning coffee along the way! I picked up this book and read it in three days! I actually got it from the library but now feel the need to have my own personal copy so that I can refernce it:
    -if my doctor recommends bedrest
    -if my doctor recommends induction
    -if I want to check on what type of fish to eat
    -if I want to check if a medication is okay
    -when I write out our birthplan, etc.

    My husband and I were very entertained by the ridiculous research (or lack thereof) upon which many medical professionals base their recommendations! This book put me at such ease. A must have for moms to be!
  • Richard B "rablake" - Clears Up Muddy SoundAs advertised, this sound system successfully fights the current practice of television shows to allow less-than-clear sound to make the airwaves. My hearing is fine, but prior to the Bose Solo, I had to resort to closed captioning occasionally to find out key words of dialogue . The system hooks up with one wire, my Samsung can internally mute the feeble speakers on the TV and more clear sound is the result.
  • Mama of four "Mama of four" - Works great! Save time and money!I use flavored ground coffee (Dunkin Donuts' Pumpkin Spice works really well) and 2 percent Lact Aid milk. To prevent a milk burn/residue I always swish the glass decanter with water and drain it out before I add the milk to the glass decanter. This prevents the milk protein from bonding to the heating element on a dry surface thus creating a burn residue. Always use a silicone spatula to get all the foam out. Rinse immediately with very warm water after pouring out latte into mug. Fill with an inch of very warm water. Let sit on counter. When done drinking your beverage then use a soft sponge to wipe up in bits of milk that may be on the heating element. If you want to use a Torani syrup (like Vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, almond) pour 1 -2 tablepoons in your mug first, then pour your finished latte into mug. It turns out better this way. I also put 1 packet of artificial sweetener in my mug first, then add finished latte. This is a timesaver and moneysaver device for me. I use a ceramic mug with lid to take in the car and to drink in the house. If you have a busy schedule and wish to save money and calories, then get this machine. I have yet to try Cafe Du Monde coffee grinds but I can't wait to get ahold of a can to make my cafe au lait a la New Orleans style. Love love this machine. You can also add whipped cream to your final drink. I have made hot chocolate with almond milk and chocolate syrup with great success. It doesn't work very well with bits of dried marshmallows or chocolate chips. Add those later. Also, you can use a supermarket brand of French Roast coffee grounds and save yourself some more money and come out with a great tasting latte.
  • J-Man Nowra - Covered everything I need.I was very happy to find this software on Amazon and for such a reasonable price. I still can't believe the mark up just to purchase it in a box in a store.

    I've had to get this for my Mac in order to do work at home for my current job. It is a gem to use and haven't had any troubles with it as yet.