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  • Janet "Breesmom" - Interwoven LivesBeautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is a book celebrating life by intersecting the life stories of several individuals. The book begins in 1962, takes a detour with a story of soldiers in WWII, and ends at the present. The locations of the story are vividly presented by the author; we see the Italian coast and it's islands,the city of Rome, a minute or two in Germany, then go to Hollywood, Seattle, and a brief contemplation of life in the state of Idaho.

    I liked this book. It was engrossing. It's a book that can at one minute bring one to tears and then turn around and have and have them laughing in recognition. The characters are all flesh and blood and the stories show the good and bad side of humanity. Even though it doesn't shrink back from telling about the bad, the book has a positive outlook. It's a pleasure to read. I recommend this book highly; most anyone over the age of 12 years old through adult will enjoy reading this book; there is no graphic violence or sex.
  • - The Best Book for Ulcerative ColitisMy twelve year old son was diagnosed 4 months ago with Ulcerative Colitis. His doctor put him on standard medicine and told us that diet had nothing to do with this disease. My gut instinct was that diet had everything to do with it. I began searching the internet and found a website that discussed this book. I immediately purchased it, and the rest is history. Even though I was told by other IBD parents that my son would not stick to the diet, I tried it anyway. We saw results after a few days. My son had more energy, had a little color in his face, and bowel movements started to become more normal and less frequent. His doctor did not approve of his being on a restrictive diet. Needless to say, we now have a new doctor, who has read this book and promotes this diet with all of his IBD patients. My son is gaining weight again, happy, and much healthier, and we owe it all to Elaine Gottschall.
    It's a much better alternative than losing body parts. We are forever grateful to you Elaine. I recommend this book to EVERYONE I know who has UC, Crohns, or even Irritable Bowel.
  • T. Dottie - Excellent book of historical materialWhat a great read. I was raised in a fundamental, Christian background and was a devoted church member until about 40. The past 30 years I have been much more open to other ideas and found this book to be extremely interesting historical material. So many things made sense. I wish EVERYONE would read this book with an open and inquiring mind. (If your mind is already made up, why read anything?)
  • toothbunny - Cain at GettysburgExcellent discriptions of the battle as told from both sides and from infantryExcellent telling of the battle from both sides, from infantry on up to Lee and Mead. Gave a good discription of the thoughts and emotions of those in battle while making you aware of the egos and politics involved. The smoke and haze of the cannons, the air putrid with death and the gritty battle field littered with the dead and dying made you feel as if you were there. Liked it better than Killer Angels.
  • Meowakin - Absurdly Unfair ReviewsHonestly, I'd say the game really deserves around 4 stars, but I can't stand seeing all these bashers giving it a 1. Yes, some of them are valid issues. None of them are as truly bad as they paint them.

    - The game is fast paced and exciting as you attempt to find combinations of skills that let you succeed against any foe, particularly at level 60/Inferno difficulty.
    - The story is fine, if not as gripping as some people seem to expect from..what type of game was this again? An action RPG?
    - All of the classes have dramatically different mechanics, and make for an entirely new gameplay. One character can easily provide new types of gameplay for 20+ hours, thats 100+ hours of gameplay already, which in my book, means the game has paid for itself already. No idea why people feel entitled to 500+ hours and never growing bored...
    - Blizzard has always been an active company when it comes to improving their games based on feedback, and the game is guaranteed to receive new features as time goes on, so it can only get better, in my opinion, regardless of what all the negative nancy's have to say.
    - I do agree the game shouldn't be online only, but anyone with half an internet connection can play. Disregard claims that Blizzard's servers are constantly messed up, as it had a rough launch and has no impact on current gameplay.

    So yes, I would highly recommend this game, just don't play it expecting a Diablo 2 clone. (This is the first time I've ever written a review, I just got too riled up seeing the morons rating it poorly based on their skewed perceptions)