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  • K. Monfort "breathe books" - 2 greyhound pups, 300 acres and always able to locate rhe girls!I never review anything but had to review this one. We run a veterinary service and work with a rescue shelter and I wish that a lot more people would "Tagg" their pets.

    I want to point out that we have been using the Tagg for 4 months now, and have a lot of real-world experience with the product and the customer service.

    First, the customer service is wonderful. I have had 2 issues, both have been resolved successfully. The last issue took a couple of days, but I received several troubleshooting phone calls from 2 or 3 tech people, expedited up the ladder, issue solved (having to do with activating second device for second pup) ... very happy customer.

    As far as the Tagg product itself, it works as advertised. I can find the 7 month old greyhound pups, together or separately, when they wander or car-chase (the issue we are working hardest on right now, one has been clocked at 35 miles an hour). This has been a lifesaver for me (59 years, not really in greyhound chasing/tracking shape). The alerts come in a timely manner, not the 12 minutes referenced in an earlier review; far better on a smartphone app, just because most of us do not spend all day right next to our computer/email. The locating has worked well, both when the Tagg is on the dog and when the Tagg is laying on the ground somewhere detached from the collar (more on that next). The battery life varies, here in the sticks never more than 5 days. I think that battery life is dependent on how hard the device has to look for signal, how often and long the Tagg is out of home territory, and how often the owner "locates" the Tagg.

    Sad to say (sad because I own and android phone), the iPhone app is far, far better than the Android app. In my experience, the locating ping is in a tighter radius and the maps are more accurate. I have an Android app, an update coming in 10 days and my own iPhone on order (have to give my husban's phone back to him, but he has been generous in loaning it to me for Tagg purposes).

    And now the only issue I have experienced (repeatedly) with the Tagg products...detachment. The pups will wrestle, drag each other around by their collars and otherwise manage to detach the Taggs. The detachment message comes perfectly and in a timely manner. With an iPhone app, the detached Tagg will show up within a couple of feet of you, once you learn the locate function. The neutral colors (one of ours is grey and white and I spent a while yesterday finding it in a snowfield) make the Tagg attractive while being worn but a PITA to find sometimes. I have addressed detachment in several ways in the 4 months that we have used the Taggs. The first successful (semi) method was purchasing the Tagg cover/sleeve. On one of my pups this has worked well, although the zipper needs a lock function because it will work open though normal movement. The other cover/sleeve zipper has broken and it now lays on my desk where I have looked at it daily trying to think of a fix or new and better design. Today after reading reviews here, I have used two zip tie loops, one over each antenna wing, that can be slid to the side to release the Tagg, and have joined them in the center with a key ring loop, that I can open to remove the Tagg for charging. I am hoping that this will stabilize the Tagg from the top, as well as the bottom attachment, maybe making it harder for the pups to mouth and detach.

    Overall, I cannot say enough good things about the Tagg product. It serves it's purpose of locating pets well. The company adds services, like the activity monitor, in an ongoing manner. The customer service is responsive. As a person in the animal health industry, I think this product could be a lifesaver, a valuable training assistance and I cannot believe hunters and others with expensive dogs, don't have Taggs hung on them.
  • desrtgal - A God Giving GiftI bought this book and the H20 after my husband had done some research regarding a cure for cancer, once he told his mother regarding this God Giving product she researched it and spoke to a doctor that gave her the info regarding this book and the H20. I'm saying all this to say that my sister inlaw HAD cancer but once she read the book and started the H20 she is now cancer FREE, this has been an answer to prayer. My husband and I along with our parents and numerous friends are now taking the H20 with awesome results. This book makes complete since on how the pharmacuticals companies do not want to promote this because it's a miracle and not expensive so they don't make any money. This book also makes sense stating that a highly oxgenated body cannot support diseases and that cancer is just a fungus.
    People get ahold of this, this is a miracle from God you do not have to suffer anymore.... God Bless
  • D. Glass - The Rules WinA great follow-up to the ultra successful The Game might seem like a stretch. However, Rules of The Game, stands alone as an essential primer for anyone wanting to get an intimate knowledge about the seduction community.

    I've been in the seduction community for a few years, and the 30 day Challenge in the first volume of Rules of the Game enables men to overcome quite a few social problems in a non-threatening way.

    Strauss reveals great nuggets of knowledge about successful dating and relationship mindsets throughout. The doubters and feminists will say that anything game related will demean women and our interactions with them. I must say, with respect, the opposite occurs. When guys follow the practices in Rules of the Game, that they'll have a greater empathy for women, and have a drive to make them happier.

    Overall, a fascinating read and with the inclusion of more personal stories in Volume 2 makes this a must have for any bachelor, looking for an exciting and engaging read!
  • Mary Denton - I Dare YouI dare anyone to start reading this series and be able to put it down for any amount of time. I am so in love with Jamie and Claire and long for there to actually be a love so true and attentive thorns and all in reality as theirs. Voyager brings them back together after 20 years apart and okay I admit it.. I had to flip to their first moment or reintroduction to satisfy my heart. No disappointment here.
    Gabaldon is brilliant - simply brilliant !