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  • Comdet - There's a reason why this is the CAD standardMy first experience with CAD software was with AutoCAD many years ago, but cost issues necessitated switching to other programs (mainly TurboCAD, but also CorelCAD). While these are capable tools and certainly offer a great value for the price, there is a reason why AutoCAD is considered by many to be the standard to which all other CAD programs are compared. It offers a huge array of tools, routines and capabilities that other programs just can't match. The downside is that this version (LT) is limited to 2D, and stepping up to the 3D version is a huge investment.

    Even though it is priced much below the "full" version, AutoCAD LT still comes at a price, both monetary as well as the type of system required. I initially put it on a somewhat modestly configured dual core XP SP3 laptop with minimal graphics capability. It ran, but you could almost draw freehand faster than the screen could update. It also blue screened me a couple of times. I had a much better experience on a Win 7 machine (32 bit, i3 processor, 4GB RAM, 512MB video card). Reaction time was excellent, and zero problems to date with anything crashing.

    I was initially displeased with the screen layout as it seemed way too cluttered compared with my past, albeit very dated, experience with AutoCAD. But after working with it for a while I found it to be efficient. It can also be customized with the tools used the most. The ribbon design works well. If you forget the name of a command you can start with the first letter or two and the software will provide suggestions.

    I was concerned about being able to retrieve DWG files produced with older versions, but encountered no problems at all. Files came in without a hitch. You can also save files in older versions should your need downward compatibility, as well as export out to a variety of formats.

    While there is some help and assistance built-in, a manual is pretty much a necessity given the complexity of the program and options. My past experience made me somewhat comfortable with the basics, but I still needed to spend a lot of time with the AutoCAD Bible (AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012 Bible). Although it is written for the 2012 version, it offers a great deal of usable info for the 2013 version.

    If your needs are mostly or entirely in the 2D realm, this is the most capable tool out there. Steep learning curve, steep price tag, but a world of difference when it comes to the tools at your disposal. If you're a CAD novice, certainly get your feet wet with something such as TurboCAD or CorelCAD. But for production work, AutoCAD is what you're going to need (or certainly want). Highly recommend.
  • Zain - Excellent and it's a miracleI have been using Rogaine foam about a year , my hair have improved about 35-40%.

    i did NOT experienced any sides effects. one of my friend have complained about having a headaches, he stopped using it for a while then i convinced him to re-start using it again, apparently he did NOT complain about the headaches. i think it was a coincidence for him.

    Rogaine's active ingredient is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that relaxes (widens) blood vessels and improves blood flow. and it used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) when given as a pill ( but we use it TOPICALLY ) Different rout.