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  • the i in me "Pious Saki" - nothing much to it....but AWEPeople are obvioulsy entitled to judge...its on us to not get misleaded...n any review below 4 stars for this album will serve the same...misleading ppl from great music.Well i think ppl who own this know that this is one priceless n timesless album....listen to this and come to know what kind of things matter in this world.I know...ull come to know.
  • D. C. H - 100% Effective all of the time!When I am stuck in a binder, I make sure it is the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032). As a PhD student who is not only part of the 47%, but also a proud member of the 99%, this binder is 100% effective all of the time. Whether I am contemplating a voucher system for my medical services, the modification of social security or not being paid the same as males, I file everything away with me in my secure two inch binder. I would be nothing without my binder, heck I would even contemplate voting if not for this secure device!
  • Piper - Wont leave your mindThe main point I want to deal with is how I managed to walk away from this book with a trenchant sense of gratitude at the forefront of my mind. I certainly won't mislead and paint this story as one that directly radiates things to be happy about, but I do think it does so indirectly (and the term "happy" is far too facile for my purposes here).
  • J. Sparks - Best New Prophecy Book in Quite a WhileAs a Christian, I buy prophecy books. Have for some time. The last in "superstar" class that I read was Robert Van Kampan's "The Sign" published way back in '93. "The Extinction Protocol" equals "The Sign" due to the fact that it integrates a mountain of not-commonly known "Watchman-type" information into the somewhat commonly known prophetic skeleton, the bulk of which found in Daniel, Joel;, Ezekiel, Matthew, and Revelation. The book is a superb effort, and made even more complete by the author's website, which allows you to "update the pages" on a daily basis. Definitely one of my traveling companions until the end. Even so come Lord Jesus!
  • Christa - Ugh, Matthew Hussey's New Book... (is actually quite brilliant)God, Matt. You're such a massive doooouuucheeeee.
    Just kidding. ;) I don't even know the guy, but it was just funny because now he's going to think I'm his mortal enemy that ranted about him on twitter.
    (I'm not, but I'm still going to rag on you anyway because it's fun, and then you'll read this and get upset about it until you realize I'm leaving you a good review.)

    Let's get serious though:
    Women, buy this book. I've been watching Matthew's videos for a couple of months now and it's astounding to see how many people he affects through live events, blog posts, and videos. Well, now there's a book out that condenses this information and is in print (so you know it's legit!) Matthew is the honest guy friend that you didn't know you had: he's sensitive enough to pinpoint your insecurities about dating and is empathetic towards your plight, but blunt enough to show you that there are so many other ways to go around it and work it! Matthew's book urges women to become the best version of themselves, and to highlight their strengths, as well as accept their weaknesses. His advice is golden, and can be applied to many other areas in your life, not just your love life! Matt's book will teach you how to love yourself FIRST and FOREMOST (If you don't love yourself-- how do you expect someone else to love you?) and then show you how to work that to your advantage. He urges you and drives these points home, kind of to the point where he's almost nagging! (Only kidding, but seriously: some women are in denial about their love lives, and Matthew is realistic with these women. Change your perspective, and people around you will notice.)

    If you're serious about finding a real, meaningful relationship... get this book. Even if you're not, get this book. It will help you out in so many other areas of your life!
    I mean, come on-- I've already provided enough evidence that this book is amazing.
    Plus, look at the cover... it doesn't hurt that a cute, charming face is on it-- amirite, ladeez?