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  • Stacie Storm - Slick ChickI bought this a couple of weeks ago and saw the thing about the bulb, I thought of a cleaver way to reset the system so you get full use of your new bulb. Unplug the bulb before you ever turn it on then turn it on and an alarm will sound. Turn it back off put the bulb back in and turn it back on.. I did that and have used my bulb like crazy and have not had one failure.. woo hoo!! the hair looks like its going away but I have only used it twice so ill have to wait and report later..xoxo
  • Busyfamilyof4 - Great for your pocket while working or at clinicalsI am a nursing student in my final semester and I wish I had found this book long ago! It is perfect to fit in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day. It is not as detailed as a larger drug book, but it does the job and is great to carry with you throughout the day. I would highly recommend to any nurses, especially nursing students who are just learning about drugs.
  • bmac32 - Great ConcertHaving seem Carlos several time (mostly 70's) wasn't so sure I'd like this when it came to the singing. At first I didn't care for the voices but I did warm up to them as the concert went on and for the most part I did like what I heard. Reading many reviews here and a great many struck me as odd, like comments on the horns, ya mean horns don't fit in Mexican music, better take a trip to Mexico. The video was very well shot as well as the music was well balanced. On a 5.1 system it sounded almost as you were sitting right there among the fans.

    From what I see and read is people are so critical, why? Sit back, turn it up and enjoy!
  • Robert P. Vinroot - Tagg tracker is perfect for us.We got our first one about a year ago and it came to good use a week after we had it. Our rescue dog got out and headed north bound through the woods. Without Tagg we probably would not have found her. She was about 1/2 mile away in the opposite direction that she had run. When we adopted 2 more dogs one was a jumper and runner. First thing we did was buy another tracker. It has come in handy several times already.
  • S. Qu - Solid ProductThe build quality is good. I like the power switch that allows you to turn off the hub when not in use. The product description mentioned some compatibility issues with 2.4GHz USB antenna, but I found no issues with my Logitech 2.4 GHz antenna. It is a nice surprise. I do feel faster download speed to my USB3.0 drive than an old Belkin 2.0 USB hub. For the price I paid on Amazon, it is definitely a good buy.