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  • Whatever - Not Enough Stars, This Is Their Pinnacle, since.........DSOTM is almost impossible to compare with anything, it's such an iconic recording. At least I can't be very objective about it.... As a tremendous fan of most all Floyd since that record, I can honestly say Division Bell is my favorite. Less cynical than the rest of them (with a couple of tracks as very notable exceptions!!)

    The whole record is magnificent, but I would spotlight these tracks:

    What Do You Want From Me - a classically brutal recipe of backbeated Floyd orchestration, tough-soundin' black chicks, all of it swirling up into a chorus of acid psychedelia. He's got that rocket-fizzling-across-the-sky guitar tone on this one.

    Poles Apart - beautiful tune, great demented interlude segues perfectly back into the song

    Take It Back - irresistible hook theme on the saw that recurs elswhere in the record. Staccato guitar ostinato similar to Run Like Hell, and I really enjoy Gimour's singing of the verses.

    High Hopes - well, this could be the darkest thing ever conceived and recorded. Creepy beyond belief, and a chorus that is fed to you like sugar-laced cyanide. Gilmour's best slide solo on this, and simply a monstrous track that would make any

    album a must-have.

    Lost For Words - for me, Gilmour's best acoustic work - another one of his wonderful solo of statements, made with masterful phrasing and economy. Kind of a big western guitar sound, fantastic lyric, appropriate interlude, killer outro...not to mention the "story" of it.

    A Great Day For Freedom - This track has been lauded nearly enough here....the verses gently lead you up to the precipice of the solo section, where one steps off into time suspended. It's not a matter of whether or not it's Gilmour's best solo ever, it's a matter or whether or not it's the most heartwrenching rock guitar solo EVER. It all happens over only two chords, but for me, this playing is his finest moment, and the tone is glorious.
  • Hector Eduardo - Just PerfectI order this blender because I recently had some health complications and my doctor send me to take a series of juices something strangers.

    This beautiful unit can demolish almost everything you pour into it, any kind of fruit, vegetables, etc..

    The amazon shipping was incredible. I have the Prime membership, order on Friday and for only eight dollars they delivered it by the next day with no problems.

    There are certainly similar blenders in amazon, but the quality of this is unspoilable.
  • Trixie Overcashier "Beauty InsideOut" - A must-have for teenage girlsI started with a book for myself called For Women Only and grew so much in my understanding of how God created men so different from women that I wanted my daughter to understand this as well. For young ladies attending public school I think you could introduce this book as early as 10 years old...with the ideal age being 12. For young ladies in private school that may be a bit more secluded from sexual information I would recommend introducing it a bit later. I gave it to my daughter at 14 and we went through it again at 15 1/2. It is good to go through it together to clarify things and keep that communication door open. Don't get caught up in the world views of dating at young ages and sex before marriage becasue of experience - Keep God as the Authority and stand firm in your parenting...God Luck! author