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  • J. Isaacs - The hate for this is laughable.Bottom line, this is Windows 7 with many improvements. Is the Start Screen a polarizing topic? Sure. How much time did you spend in the old Start Menu? Seconds. Don't like it, don't use it.

    This is the most complete desktop OS they've put out to date. Native ISO support, insane boot times, improved file and disk management, improved multiple monitor support.

    Then for good measure, almost for the heck of it, you get an app store.

    IT Manager for a law firm. Been using this since early Betas. I'll never go back to Win7.
  • Patricia Lattanzio - No More Suffering!Nine months ago I purchased the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall. At that time, my son was considering intestinal surgery for Crohn's Disease. Even on numerous medications and after a ten day hospital stay he continued to lose weight and experience pain. However, within a few days of beginning the Specific Carbohydrate Diet he improved dramatically. He, currently, has no symptoms of Crohn's Disease, is off all medications and has gained 25 pounds. All his lab results have also returned to normal. These include electrolytes, cholesterol, LDL (was low), HDL (above average), iron and C-reactive protein (a marker of systemic inflammation). This book and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a necessity for anyone with intestinal or autoimmune disease and/or autism. The results speak for themselves!The above review was written almost 4 months ago. However, since there has been further improvement in my son's condition I am adding a few more lines. Another SCD miracle has occurred! Today, August 12, 2003, my son had an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and the gastroenterologist found NO evidence of Crohn's Disease or any other inflamation including his fistula. He is so impressed with this diet that he has begun recommending it to all his patients - some of whom have already improved. Thanks, Elaine Gottschall, for being who you are - a loving, caring woman who has devoted her life to helping others.
  • Stacy I. Kildal "ProAdvisor Stacy" - Great new features for 2012As a member of the Intuit Trainer and Writer Network, I'm looking forward to presenting the What's New in QuickBooks 2012 this fall.

    The lead center and batch timesheets are 2 features I think many small business owners will be glad to have - the lead center will eliminate the need to go between multiple programs to see status on customer leads and the batch timesheets will save time by allowing users to enter time for more than one employee or vendor at one time.

    If you're new to QuickBooks, it's a great year to start (but isn't always?) and if you've got an older version, there are some great new time saving features to check out.
  • Josephll "Reformed Music Addict" - Underrated But BrilliantIt wasn't easy to follow up to "Dark Side of The Moon", one of the most celebrated albums of the 70's or "Wish You Were Here", but Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. proved with "Animals" that they were capable of recording another masterpiece, but without following the same concept as before. "Animals" is much darker and melancholy then there other albums, it's partly based on George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm and the diffrent songs "Pigs" "Dogs" and Sheeps" are metaphors for diffrent kinds of humans and the capitalist society they live in. It isn't that Waters see the human race as animals, but the whole idea of the concept album is to get a chance to look into this dark and bitter world view. There are only 5 songs included on this album, you may ask yourself, why on earth would it be any use to purchase an album with so few songs when you can get some other with 15 for the same price. "Animals" is not like other albums, it's a journey into another world and all of the 5 songs are part of a concept. They are full of sound effects, guitar solo's and nihilistic lyrics, but it's not very accesable since they lack hooks and melodies, although they show a Pink Floyd in top form making something magical and genuine. "Animals" has become somewhat a cult album, always loved by fans but despised by critics and non-accesable by casual listeners. First song is called "Pigs On The Wing" it's split into 2 parts, the opener and closer of the album. They are both accoustic slow paced songs that only last for 1.25 each, but listen closely to the lyrics, cause they are the keys to the whole concept. "Dogs" which is 17 minutes portraits the selfish business men that destroy their own lifes and people around them with their obsession for their own ego's, careers, and greed. On this song both Waters and Gilmour share lyrics, Waters sing in the beginning and Gilmour the last few verses. There are also some awesome guitar solo's by Gilmour on this one and one synth solo from Rick Wright's (where you also get to hear Dogs Barking), and as a whole I Think this is the best song of the album, especially if you like sound effects, long solo's and Progressive rock in general. "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" portraits the people on top of the ladder, the people with wealth and power. Those people manipulates and make encourage the rest of the society to be competitive in order to remain at the top. This song starts with slow turbid lyrics but continues with some awesome blues-guitar solo just like it's precursor. "Sheep" is the last category. The sheep represent the lowest class of the social system. They are oblivious and exploited and somewhat unaware of what's going around in the society but they are obidient follows that do little to prevent that. The song itself starts slow but shortly get's loud, with synhesizer effects and guitar riffs. The 3 main songs are all over 10 minute each and rather simuar.

    Overall, This album takes time to enjoy. If You're a fan of Pink Floyd you may like it cause the sound is just awesome and so are the guitar solo's. But it's far from a sing-a-long album with good hooks or melodies, it rather put it's focus on the sound and on the lyrics, but that is on purpuse. If You are new to Pink Floyd and liked albums like "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" or occasional songs from those, don't get this album cause it will be too complicated to get into and it's far from accesable. However, if you're an openminded person with wide mucical range and you have the patience to listen through it several times, it could be an challence. A classic album nonetheless.