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  • D. Potter - 3-D modeling made easy and fun!This is great software from "Essentials to Home Designer Pro 2012".
    What I want to communicate to you is that each Chief Architect Inc software title has differing capabilities and features. In other words there is a good reason why they sell for different prices and that price determines how much you get in terms of choices and efficiency.

    You do get what you pay for!

    The hard part is knowing what you need and want before you buy: your money is a known and real quantity whereas your own expectations are sometimes harder to quantify especially by others.

    Chief Architect Inc offers free trial demonstration software for its Chief Architect Premiere software and some of its Home Designer titles which you should download, install and try out.

    I have and use all their software titles from Home Designer Essentials to Chief Architect Premiere, use them every day in my business.
    Any of their titles are well worth your time and money, just take the time to study the capabilities of each of them and then pick out the right one for you.

    David Jefferson Potter
    A user since 1994
  • Pete - They're unlocking the bootloader!Edit: 1/10/2012
    Today, I updated the tablet to ICS. Most noticeable difference? No slow down after prolonged use!
    A little pissed about TF 700, but good luck waiting 6,7,8 months for it! I recommend buying now, all the power for $100 less Also, I took it outside today and had 10 satelites locked in less than 15 seconds to a 30-40ft accuracy.

    I ordered the Transformer Prime from Best Buy after my amazon pre order was cancelled. I found it using nowinstock.net. After ordering 12/29, the tablet was shipped 1/2 and arrived today, 1/4. Anyways.

    The build of the tablet is amazing, I had a Tf 101 that I picked up to have a tablet to play with over Christmas, and this one is a massive improvement. Holding the 101 in one hand I always thought it was going to snap in half. The prime is much lighter and more solidly built. I can't distort the screen at all by applying pressure around the front and back of the tablet.

    Honeycomb is still mediocre, but Asus made two nice touches. You can quit programs with a little x in the recent programs softkey, and the notification sidebar has several helpful alterations. ICS is coming in a week, and after running it on my Droid x, I feel confident that it will really improve the users experience. I also don't hate typing on this tablet, which I'm doing right now. I switched from the Asus keyboard to the android one. The ASUS one has a ridiculous layout with keys directly on top of each other, but maybe that's normal in Taiwan.

    Gaming has been very smooth, on Riptide, Shine Runners and Glowball I'm genuinely impressed with the graphics.

    The amount of negative reviews for the bootloader, which will be addressed by Asus is really disheartening. I hope those people change their reviews, even though Asus did a good job slaughtering this product launch. As the first quad Core tablet with ICS, I think this tablet will stay relevant for a good while.
  • Diana H. Willoughby "musician" - When the Banana Slicer actually DOES enhance the quality of life!I've loved reading all the reviews of the banana slicer, but I thought I'd share with you maybe the one single instance that the product truly made someone's life better. I work with developmentally disabled adults in a group home setting. Our goal is to help make them as independent as possible, regardless of how small a feat "normal" folks perceived the task to be. I have an elderly gentleman with moderate developmental disabilities, coupled with advanced cerebral palsy. In spite of this, he tries very hard to be independent, but slicing bananas is just too much for him to accomplish on his own. When the posts for the banana slicer first hit facebook, I ordered one for him. He loves it because it's safe for him to use, and it gives him an opportunity to be involved in his own day. He gleefully slices the bananas for his own breakfast and enough for his two housemates to enjoy. Having said that, please carry on with the funny replies. I love reading them!
  • Bohse - SGX SkycaddieHI,

    this device is excellent, there is no doubt about it but I received a non working device from the seller and I was very angry ...!
    When I tried to charge that device, it didn`t work at all ...!
    Although I tried to charge it more than 10 times it did not work ...!!!
    Finally I contacted people of Skycaddie Support Dpt. in England ( I am staying in US ...!!) many times - that cost me a lot of money ...!! Afterr many examinations thesy offered me to send me a new device ..! That device is working great ...!
    I am very disappointed about the seller he might have know that this device was a damaged device ..!
    I am waiting for your comments and your goodwill having such problems and my expenses...!
    W.-D. Bohse
  • Greyman - The perfect travel child table chairThis is handy little chair. It screws on to the side of a table, placing the baby at table height and able to use the tabletop. In fact, our baby enjoyed this compared to his highchair. When screwed in firmly the unit is very snug and stable; you of course need a table with a solid tabletop and a sufficiently wide base. And it folds completely flat for easy transport. I take this with us to restaurants as it is much more discreet, convenient, and practical.