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  • S. Bronsak - One Wasn't EnoughFor Christmas 2006, I received one of these aerogarden kits as a gift. Within 3 1/2 weeks, we began reaping the benefits of our indoor garden. Last week we picked the last of this initial crop which gave us at least a dozen salads for two people.

    No mess, no fuss, no bugs, and the added bonus of security knowing where and how our salad makings are grown.

    We now have two units going with the plan to purchase two more.
  • Daniel B - The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.I was thunderstruck when it said “great for cereal.” Having been diagnosed with road rage, my doctor recommended I add banana and oatmeal to my diet to keep me calm. I eat a lot of oatmeal at work and having sliced bananas in my bowl is a must. Growing tired of using the plastic knives they give us in the lunchroom that don’t cut decently, I resorted to chopping up my banana by hand. The result was catastrophic. Imagine having mashed banana all over your hands while typing out a lawsuit deadline. The look on my keyboard would make anyone with a soul want to vomit. I really NEEDED my 11am bowl of oatmeal with banana or my road rage disease would morph me into Dr. Jekyll. But my hands would be covered in mashed banana. What might my co-workers think seeing my hands and keyboard? Will they judge me? Will we still be friends after my breakfast is all over? They probably wish I did not eat oatmeal, or even exist at all. Then I tried the banana slicer and my life immediately became doubleplusgood. It cuts the banana into equal sizes without the mushy hands. Many questions came rushing through my mind regarding human ingenuity. Although many evils in this world have been made by man, such as the atom bomb, there is also much good . What will the future of human ingenuity bring? As I sat eating my oatmeal with banana, I remembered my Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.”
  • Anna Messner - Incredible bookI purchased this book for my mother who has had problems with back pain for years. She had been to the chiropracter, physical therapist and neurosurgeon with no improvement. After working her way through the book she is markedly improved. Wonderful pictures, easy to follow. I recommend it for all with this problem.
  • Varietyisthespiceoflife "Voracious & Varied R... - More Than the Sum of Its Parts - Ganoderma... Gourmet Convenience, unmatched by the best coffees in the world.I only drink Organic coffee, which is not exactly easy to find. This coffee, which I have been drinking for about three years now, is rich and bold yet smooth, with a finish as good as the finest gourmet meal. The coffee contains gandomera mushroom extract - which sounds disgusting but which adds such depth of flavor and dimension to the already delicious coffee one absolutely MUST drink it before you can know. There is no way to describe it's uniqueness. If you are a true dark coffee lover you're really cheating yourself if you will not treat yourself to at least try it.

    And if that is not enough... it's way less expensive than going to Brand Name Coffee Stores or gourmet coffee bought here and there and made at home. The coffee is packaged in individual caches - which allows me to take it on the road for the day or for vacation. On a plane, in a restaurant or anywhere I am, I ask for hot water and drink my own coffee. I used to think it was a big advertising lie when people were shown enjoying foods in a nice place - as if the food tasted better and the experience was somehow "more" due to the food they ate. I'm happy to tell you - it's true! I experience more enjoyment of my favorite old and new places - two wonderful happenings at the same time, each making the other better - when I have my sachets with me. It's all I use now and I bring it everywhere. I can't believe I am so excited about a drink, it makes life really feel special!
  • Edward Spedding - Long time userI have been a Tool and Die Maker for over 40 years and I wish I had AutoCad back when I started! I've Worked in a design/Build capacity for the past 25 years and taught myself AutoCad in the early 90's on begged and borrowed equipment. I was finally able to get my company to get me a seat of release 14 and I became College Certified in . The 2013 LT is great, Being a little old school I am glad AutoCad has kept the classic format, to us old guys it makes the program very comfortable. I now have my own business (Design/build) and I do a lot for my old company, so being able to access all of my old autoCad files has been a real positive. In summary, Keep it new , but embrace the old tried and true. Thanks, Ed Spedding EJS Mechanical