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  • Mamasita "MelP" - This has changed our lives!WE bought this because we are addicted to seltzer water in our house. We were spending hundreds of dollars and going crazy with all the trips to the store. Plus the amount of bottles we sent to landfills is deplorable. But this soda stream has changed our life!!! The amount of carbonation you can add is up to you, however it is set to fill after three easy pushes of the top button. The soda tastes fantastic- better than store bought! The perfect amount of bubbles! We bought 4 extra bottles, and keep them filled with cold water in the fridge since someone suggested that it works only with cold water. We also discovered that the carbon can be refilled at Kohls! It works flawlessly. No more garbage, no more trips to the store, cold fresh bubble seltzer when we need it.
  • Tomasz J. Dorosz "TOM D" - Great product.Works great and is worth the money. If you don't have a problem taking all the pills you will be happy. I only used two in the morning and two in the evening. Did not feel I needed to take more. Worked great and I am happy. Just tried a different brand and did not even come close.
  • Angela J. Ward "angiemum" - men ive loved before by adele parksFrom the very beginning of this book i was hooked. i just couldn't put it down! It's all about a couple who have decided not to have children and their lives. Neil, the husband then decides he wants to have a baby with, Natalie his wife and she most definitely does not want any kids atall. They then go on separate journey's trying to deal with what Neil wants. This book is a whole rollercoaster of emotions. I cringed with them both, shouted at them both, laughed and shed a tear when the book finished. It is a lovely tale and i would recommend everyone to indulge themselves and have a good old read. Well done to Adele Parks for writing another blinder