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  • Francesca - Did I Eat Today? (DIET) You Betcha!I cannot say enough good things about this way of eating. As and older woman, post menopausal, and with a low thyroid, I may never have been grossly overweight, but stopping those pounds creeping on has been a real struggle. In December of 2012 I decided that I needed to get serious about my weight and health. I initially joined Weight Watchers and faithfully logged my points. I did this for three months and lost 4 lbs.

    I then switched to logging my food on "My Fitness Pal" and over the next three months dropped another 6 lbs (1200 calories a day) and then I stalled. The scale didn't move. I was logging every scrap of food that I ate, being really, really good but I was stuck. And then came Haylie! I bought her book and thought "This sounds great, but impossible - no dairy, no corn, no wheat, no caffeine, no sugar. I can't do this." Then I read it again. No calorie counting, loads of fruit (Phase 1) I LOVE fruit. BREAD (sprouted grain Ezeikiel bread - delicious) CRACKERS (who knew brown rice crackers were so tasty) and I decided to give it a try. EUREKA! the pounds started dropping again. I didn't lose huge amounts - 9.5lbs in the 28 days but I now weigh 122 lbs and I haven't seen that weight since my early twenties. I'm now in love with a diet book! The recipes and super, and super easy, my husband likes the meals and comes back for seconds. This book has completely changed my attitude towards food. My refrigerator is now stocked with fruits and veggies, my deli meats are nitrate free (from Trader Joe's) I feel good, look great and I'm happy! Thank you Haylie!

    Just so you know - there are a few bumps in the road to be aware of. It's easy to be confused initially about what is allowed on each phase. I ended up making myself a little cheat sheet. I took a standard sheet of paper and cut it in half top to bottom. I then folded in three (like a fan) top to bottom. I then wrote out my phases so I could see at a glance what I was allowed on each phase - it's small enough to slip in a pocket or a purse and is very easy to check against if you are out and about and want to eat out.

    You also have to plan your week and make sure you have the food/meal for each phase. I had forgotten how good real food tastes! I'm not a cook but the recipes really are easy and tasty and I was NEVER hungry or pining for something I couldn't have. Best of all - with some minor adjustments this is a way of eating for life. Just one other thing - if you are hypothyroid and the weight just won't budge - try this diet, it really works!
  • B. Miller "That Guy" - Best Android Tablet to dateI have used my fair share of tablets (Android, iPads, Playbook) and though I doubt that the Asus Transformer Prime (ATP) will win over many of the Apple lovers, I have to say that this is without doubt the best tablet I have ever used. The ATP is sleek, slim and sturdy. The materials used to build it give it the quality feel you would expect in a device of this price range. The performance is second to none. The battery life is better than advertised and the GPS is functional if not phenomenal. I have not had any of the wifi issues reported, but I did do the squeeze trick before turning it on the first time so that may be part of the reason. ICS is far smoother on the ATP than it is on any other Android tablet. Once connected to the keyboard dock this awesome tablet becomes a great netbook with even better battery life. If you're in the market for a tablet this one is at least one worth looking at, but if you know you want an Android the ATP is the one to buy. I have not been so happy with a purchase in a while.
  • Sandra Wiggins - The product could be described a bit more accurately...You've got all your women covered with this Durable View Binder in White Vinyl. It features four durable interior pockets to store their silly graduate degrees. Strong 2" EZ-Turn Gap-Free rings hold up to 500 women and allow smooth rotating without yapping or misaligned body parts. And with free templates from, you can customize new body parts for your women with text and graphics in minutes. With this great organizing solution, your women are ready to be perused when they're not otherwise occupied with household chores. Wide front and back binder panels fully cover your child-bearing women with standard dividers and sheet protectors, and the women will always lie flat with back-mounted rings.
  • moi surtout - Help! This camera's permanently stuck to my fingers!I'm not a pro photographer, just an avid amateur wanting to take great photos for my blog.


    * It looks great! Don't pretend that's not part of the appeal. I like for the things I use every day to be beautiful. This camera looks good when you carry it and great when you leave it out. It simply invites you to pick it up and take photos.

    * It feels solid and well made. It's not as light as the smaller versions, but it's a kind of pleasant weightiness. I can still operate it one-handed.

    * The grip comes off; the camera can be used without it or with an optional larger grip. I love this, because I prefer to leave it off.

    * It may not fit in your pocket, but it'll probably fit in your regular bag. It's less conspicuous to use than a dslr, you're less likely to attract unwanted attention.

    * It produces images on par with some dslrs, without the bulk. Have a look at the Flickr group for this camera if you need convincing.

    * The touchscreen is a must-have feature you never knew you needed. It works beautifully for thumbing through photos and for focusing and taking pictures.

    * It focuses really fast. You touch the screen (or button) and it immediately clicks. I've gotten great shots I'd have missed with another camera.

    * The colors are vibrant. If you don't like that, there are plenty of art filters.


    * No articulated screen. Oh how I wish it had one!

    * I don't care about the lack of viewfinder, but I do care that the external ones available are ugly and expensive.

    * Price. It's worth the high price, but only just.

    * It's hard to put down. I can't bear to leave it at home, even if I'm not going anywhere interesting. What if I miss a good shot? And whenever I see the camera, I want to use it. Very distracting.

    If you're considering whether to buy this camera or a DSLR, you've probably read all kinds of technical stuff about sensor size and spent too much time squinting at comparison photos of wine bottle labels. I know, I've been there. I got loads of advice about what camera to buy, but the best advice I got was this:

    The best camera for you is the one you'll use.

    Buy the one that when you pick it up, you never want to put it down again. The specs matter far less than what YOU bring to the camera. Fancy features are nothing compared to what you can achieve through continually taking pics with a camera you love. For me, the E-P3 is one of those cameras.
  • Heather - Once the servers were fixed, it's fantasticAs someone who only played Simcity for a brief amount of time as a 10-year-old before my dog chewed up the disc, I was itching to try out this newest game 10 years later. Despite the frustration of the long waits to join a server, or to install the game, once it was all fixed, I must say that this game is amazing. The graphics are stunning, and I love all of the different layers that this game provides. Several specializations are available to choose form, and players can even collaborate with and assist each other to make their cities, and subsequently the region even better. Highly recommended.