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  • S. Lee - The only book you should purchase when applying for med schoolThis book is great because there's a section in the beginning about the medical school application process and all that stuff. It also goes through every accredited medical school in the US and Canada alphabetically. It is published by the AAMC there is no bias content. They report the facts. The tell a little about the school and they give you lots of stats so you can honestly assess where you have a good chance of getting into. They also don't rank school so it's nice to read through the book and be able to decide which schools you like and want to know more about without having school rankings skewing your judgement. Highly recommended. Great book! Great price too!
  • Jeff - Convenient way to benefit from probioticSept 2012 - I used to eat Activia every morning to keep away gastro discomfort. It worked well, but I just got tired of eating it and it wasn't a solution that worked when I was travelling on biz. I tried a 30 day bottle from a local drug store, it worked at least as well as the yogurt, if not better. Buying online now at a much better price.

    Update Aug 2013 - been taking these for over a year now. They really do help level out my system. Cheap and easy step towards good gastro health.
  • Mr. Joseph Berlinger - You need this if you are a movie loverI buy this book every year because I like to review a film before I see it on TV, and nobody capsulizes a motion picture as well as Leonard Maltin. It is also fun to read the actors' biography at the back of the book. Because films and actors come and go, I save every copy of his book, so I can refer back a dozen years or so. In addition you can and should buy Maltin's Classic Movie guide for those old time great movies not in this book.