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  • jmac "jmac4219" - Fresh Herbs & Salad Greens Year RoundI now own three AeroGardens. One for herbs, one for salad greens & one for chili peppers. Living in the Inland Northwest with 4 seasons, I can now have fresh herbs, greens & peppers all year. The AeroGarden is very low maintenance and is fast growing. I'm on my third planting of greens, my third planting of herbs and just starting my peppers. Their customer service is the best and I highly recommend this product.
  • Adrienne Garriepy "A. GARRIEPY" - FANTASTIC on a woman's head tooI bought from this merchant before and he's got fabulous shipping time to here in New England.

    About the product, the product is fabulous. In 2 days time I notice already that I have much less hair loss in the tub after I shower. When I comb my hair less falls out by a long run. I have yet to notice how it will be in 2 weeks or even 6 months, but my dermatologist will be pleased.

    I first tried the liquid accidentally thinking that the product was the same as the one my doctor recommended, then I remembered she referred me to the foam Minoxidil.
    Well this foam is unbelievable, no running down into my face and eyes.

    I don't need to cool off my hands as recommended on some sites, but I tried using a rubber glove and that was nice to keep it off my hands. Then I decided to "get down and dirty" and use both hands, ungloved, and rub the stuff in like I would shampoo. Much better and easier when you have to do a whole head or a large area. Don't be afraid of the stuff. It's like using styling foam. Only thing different is you rub it into your scalp rather than accentuating your hair. You can style your hair as usual with the stuff only thing is it seems to strip the color treatment I have in my hair out of my hair. My hair looks a bit white to gray with the stuff in, and it makes the hair feel nasty and dry. But when washed out, the hair comes back to natural luster again.

    Great product Pfizer. Good work.
  • SD Liu "Spatium Trientis" - A real delightful piece of City Life in Gothammagnificent endeavor specially suited for a world-class city and new immigrant hub like Gotham/the Big Apple/New York City. I surfed through Brandon Stanton's FB photos and vignettes of his subjects.... unique "human beings" who have settled NYC and made it the cradle of such vibrant energy, creativity, entrepreneurship, and yes... absolutely, "humanity."
    My only constructive criticism of Mr. Stanton's amazing project and how he "connected" with so many uniquely interesting New Yorkers -- from all walks of life, all ethnicities nationalities, backgrounds, cultures.... is simply that "I wish he could have done a lot more in connecting with the little "yellow people" and "brown people" who have settled in almost all American major urban hubs and now increasingly spreading out to the heartland.
    The "browning" and yellowing" of America --- in the influx and synergy brought upon the new America by new immigrants from Latin America (the browning) and Asia-Pacific (the yellowing) is a saga and yet to be fully-explored and fully-understood story.
    New York City is specially affected by these dual inroads of the "browns" and the "yellows."
    But understandably, it is probably not easy for Brandon Stanton, given his language (Anglophone) limitation to really able to "connect" with the yellow and brown people of New York City.
    How I wish that later, as his project evolves, and onto his next phase of HONY.... Mr. Stanton would finnesse and improve upon the depth and breath of coverage of the "Humans of New York" and encompass more of the poignant stories of the new immigrants from Asia-Pacific and Latin America into New York City.
    Just on ethnic food alone, no city can beat New York.
    The ecclectic, diverse, vibrant, colorful, creative energy brought about by and from the "little people" from all over the Globe, who flock to and settle NYC is just an amazing phenomenon.
    It is an "Only in New York" thing.
    Shanghai, Tokyo, London or any other world cities can't beat the pavements of New York City.
    No way, Jose. No way, Amigo. No way, Gupta. No way, Indira. No way, Lao Wang. No way, Xiao Chen. No way, Nguyen. No way, Kim. No way, Bodomo !
    Edward Liu, San Francisco eliu@pacbell.net