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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • christopher moritz - Great mid ranged priced gunGreat gun for all shooters, shot it for the first time yesterday, ran 2000 rounds of paint through it with the dye rotor hopper and was extremely consistent, no chopped balls, really fun to shoot. was a little bit of a air hog but thats ok since around here it is free all day air. Highly recommend
  • Lifetime Book Lover "Voracious Book Reader" - TWO uses - great shoes!First - these are great for sprinting or marathoning. They provide perfect cushion and they FEEL like they propel you forward. I highly recommend them.

    NOW - for politics. DEFINITELY AVOID them. We need MEN with no medical training to make restrictive laws about what WOMEN can do with THEIR OWN BODIES - I would be lost without an ignorant man dictating for me. Without those fellas, I'll be absolutely LOST in the burden of making my own decisions.

    These shoes help women stand for hours and filibuster - that's really BAD for we gals who need uneducated men dictating our every personal decision.