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  • Gerald H. Sanders - No different from other versionsI have been using Quicken for close to twenty years, and unlike others, have had no problem with any of the versions, including 2013. The only reason that I upgraded from 2011 is that I purchased a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the Microsoft rep told me (I believe erroneously) that 2011 would not run on Windows 8 Pro. My install went perfectly. I have not tried to sync to the Quicken Cloud, and will not do so considering all the problems others have had. I am using Microsoft's Sky Drive for cloud storage which seems fine. Bottom line, I see no difference between 2011 and 2013 in functionality. Don't uprgrade unless you have to do so.
  • Mrs Magoo - Real Person, Amazing ProductAfter the birth of our baby, I began fighting Ductal Candidiasis. There was not help to be found from doctors or midwives or any "professional." I was tired of taking round after round of prescription medication that did not work. I was about to give up breastfeeding because of this extremely painful malady. I launched out on my own desperate search to find relief. I found Three-lac and within 3 days, my symptoms were tolerable. Within 5 they were totally gone. I thought....if three is good, why not try 5? I ordered FiveLac and it came THE NEXT DAY. It continues to keep my symptoms at bay and allows me to feed my baby the way I want to. Thank goodness for these products. I am a real person, I had a real problem and These products REALLY WORK! Don't mess around. Get it and try it and feel better NOW!
  • student - Holds up well!After I let my very thick hair grow out to my waist I kept breaking almost new latex caps. Initially I bought a lycra cap, which fit but my hair was getting full of chlorine and the cap did not stay on well. I tried this silicon cap which fits, stays on very well if you wet your hair before putting it on and try to "squish" out air bubbles. It helps with keeping most of the pool water out of most of your hair. I've had my Speedo silicon cap for 8 years now and it's still fine!
  • tinar2007 - This Book Is a Must Have For New Moms!This book was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and I swear by it! As a new mom, I had TONS of questions in the first couple of months and this book answered almost all of them! It covers everything from eating, sleeping, vaccinations, poop (yes, you will wonder if your baby's poop is normal), developmental milestones and so much more. I refer to this book at least once a week for various reasons. Its so helpful that I buy this book for as a baby shower gift for all my friends who are a first time mom.