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  • Neker - Best yet in seriesIt's unbelievable how Gabaldon is able to pack so much action and suspense into an 870 page novel. How can she come up with it all? How can she KEEP TRACK OF IT ALL?The readers get to see Jamie and Claire find each other again (and I don't just mean physically) as they rush to track down and rescue their nephew. Gabaldon introduces old and interesting characters from the first novel as well as bringing a few new interesting ones into the pot.Over all, I found this novel remarkable and the best yet--and darn glad I'm finished so that I can finally have a decent night sleep!
  • Damian - Perfect Size, Great price, Apple QualityI was about to buy a Nexus 7, but I really didn't like the screen. I tried some other android tablets about this size but none of them have the quality the iPad mini has. I think its worth to pay a bit more for a more decent screen, as I planned to use it to read and view graphic content like Pinterest, Dribbble, Photojournalism, etc.
    I really like how much the battery last, It's great that I can have it 2 or 3 days without charging, while I've to charge my mobile phone everyday.
    The downside is that in Android you've a lot more of free apps. Most of the free apps in iOS have items inside you've to pay to unlock. You may think that's because there are great quality apps, but some of them are just not so great apps insisting on sell you stuff.
    Finally, I really miss Swype from mi Android phone. It's still a pain for me to write on the ipad, and I see it difficult to get used to it anytime.