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  • M. Smith "cenmad" - Very easy to use, removes any excuse not to have a willThis is my second time using WillMaker Plus, since I needed a new will after a divorce this year. I really liked this software the first time through a few years ago, and hoped the updated version would be just as good. Happily, it's improved and even easier to use than it was back in 2009 or so. (Not surprising, but sometimes makers mess things up by adding too many bells and whistles).

    Installation was straightforward (put in the DVD, run the program, sit back and wait), and I started using the program immediately. I rarely want to read a user manual, so I'm happy to say this software really doesn't need one. It walks you through all the documents you may want to create (living trust, medical directive, power of attorney, etc.) in a simple, linear fashion. It has well-written explanations of each question with links to additional information to help you make key decisions (One executor or two? Why have a power of attorney? What should you consider when allowing financial management of your estate?). This guide can't/doesn't answer every single question, but it does point out when you might want to get an attorney's advice. It also comes with a thick legal answer book for additional guidance, so you may find the answers you need there if you don't want to invest in an attorney's opinion.

    For my needs, this software was about perfect. I spent about three hours from beginning to end, then came back a week later to edit and proofread what I'd done. Then I printed everything out and was able to get the documents witnessed/notarized according to the *very* clear instructions. This is one additional *great* feature - every document prints with complete signing instructions so it's all as easy as possible.

    I should mention that my estate is pretty simple, since I have no real estate, no kids, and only a cat to provide for. More complicated estates may want more personalized legal advice, but even then this is probably a really good starting point. Creating your documents here and getting them reviewed by an attorney has got to be more efficient than having the attorney write it all from scratch. Highly recommended!
  • Alan Drury - Tab 2I was wavering between between a tablet and a laptop, and I decided on the tablet. Its perfect for what I needed. Great deal!!
  • Durk Simmons "writer" - mmmmmm milkIt's great stuff milk, I honestly, no kidding, drink about a 1/2 gallon a day, every day and have pretty much my whole life. I'm 45, and very rarely get sick and I think the milk is why. There I said it.

    Durk Simmons author of Strings of Connection Book One of the Witches in America Series
  • S. KAPOOR - Excellent Product!I had to get a new laptop & needed to upgrade my old Office 2004. The only drawback here was that it took over 3 hours to download & install, and I do have high-speed internet! I have used Office forever, and I like Word & Excel & PowerPoint. Very cost effective upgrade. Just make sure you give enough time to download & install. Thanks Microsoft!
  • P. Lio "Dermatophile" - Impressive response from MicrosoftI am a bit of an Apple fanboy and have really fallen in love with Apple's "Pages" and "Keynote" programs in the past few years. I have always been able to use and appreciate the power of Word and the commonality of Powerpoint, but I confess that I have not used them much in the past 2 years as Keynote and Pages have really met my needs while being true pleasures to use.

    I am quite delighted to find some of the most polished, responsive and creative programs on my Mac in a long time with this new Office 2011.

    I want to highlight a few things about Word and Powerpoint, which are the two that I use most frequently:

    -A gorgeous new user interface that is fast, clean, and above all: intuitive! (I found the old interface to be clunky)
    -Cool new templates that are modern and fresh-feeling
    -The ability to work collaboratively in real time: this is something that I have used Google Docs for in the past, but is very exciting
    -The "ribbons" in Word are somewhat overwhelming... there are so many options on screen that it can give you a headache; the full screen view (which sort of isolates the page amid darkness) is useful for focusing on writing the words themselves...

    In sum, this is a very well-put-together package that is exciting and will no-doubt force Apple to keep innovating with the iWork suite. Great job on this product, Microsoft, and thank you for continuing to support the Mac!