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  • BrittNae - Hard to put down!I am still in the process of reading her book, it is a book I hate to put down but "life" happens so whenever I can steal a few minutes I dive into the book. Elizabeth does such a fabulous job of telling of her nightmare story. She tells the story not just from her angle but how her family must be feeling. It is obvious she was raised by two very loving parents, and her ultimate faith in God helped her through her horrible ordeal. I would highly recommend this book.
  • Robert Patterson - Life ChangerWeek one rating; I'm one of those people who hate exercise, but recognize the need for it, I get bored real quick with routines. This program will not allow you to get bored, in fact now I look forward to my work-out each day (a first for me). I was in fair shape before starting, had the spare tire, only about 10 lbs overweight, spent most of the day sitting (but did walk/run one mile a day, three times a week and moderate weights for thirty minutes, three times a week, got boring fast) 63 years old, bad knees and one bad shoulder, no thyroid. So really unsure because of the “EXTREME” connotation, but needed a new challenge so I bought it. I have kept up with the program (each rep with each exercise and even exceeded several), had a problem with the AB Ripper X because I was a little uncoordinated and have a small keg instead of a six pack, but did notice each day that I get better. The only exercises I have had to modify are the chin-ups (bad shoulder), but he effectively shows how to do this. I like how he allows you to work at your own pace and build it up (he also demonstrates how to modify each exercise to allow you to build it up or overcome shortfalls), he effectively explains and demonstrates all exercises and equipment needed (nothing expensive). He explains the different exercises to do if you want lean muscle instead of bulk muscle. One bit of advice, before you go to bed at night, take some Tylenol, you will be sore when you wake up in places you forget there were muscles.
    1. Can’t fast forward thru the adds, I understand why you can’t thru the warnings, But I hate ads. This is minor, but still a pain.
    2. I threw out the diet. As most diets it lists expensive and sometimes hard to find items and I have food allergies and no thyroid. I also hate to cook. I’m fairly sharp on nutritional requirements so I designed my own diet. My diet meets RDA requirements (other than calorie intake), but with items found in any store. I disagree with him and the FDA on the calorie requirements need, at my age and height, both say I need 2500 to 3000+ cal per day; I have found over several years that I feel better at 1400 to 1800 cal per day. Over, I gain weight (fat weight), lower I lose energy and muscle mass. My diet consists of fruits, vegetables, chicken, lean pork, beans, dark chocolate (yes, sugar), bread (only “Dave’s Bread” because of ingredients, have to limit myself, this bread is addictive) and one day a week I allow myself to eat out at a Mexican restaurant (I could eat their food 7 days a week). I also use rice protein and not soy protein. I have a slight soy and soy-lecithin allergy (it is listed as one of the top ten allergies in this country). Doctors will not tell you this, but drop all foods with soy and soy-lecithin for one week and watch your sinuses dry up. I eat very little processed food on exercise days.I also have my own recovery drink consisting of home made juice and rice protein.
    Results to date;
    1. Gain five pounds (across chest, shoulders and arms).
    2. Lost 1.5 inch on waist (haven't lost 1/2 inch in last two years).
    3. Feel better (more energy and alertness).
    4. Wife starting to perk up when I enter a room (this alone makes it worth the cost).
    I say this is a definite buy and don’t be scared off by the “EXTREME”, it takes one to one and a half hours a day, it allows self paced work with excellent coaching advice, low cost, doesn’t take a lot of room and keeps it interesting. It is not another dance routine or get fit quick program, it is a follow along, do the work and get in shape program that can hopefully be used past the 90 day limit.
  • Randall B. Miller - This tagging system works.I've bought several different kinds of tags lately (mostly for possessions to make noise when they are too far from each other) and none have worked.

    I was worried Tagg would be similar, but it has been 100% perfect for me. Every once in a while (about a month) I receive text messages and emails saying the battery is low, or that the battery is recharged again. How ideal!

    My dog hasn't wandered off, but when I take her for a drive with the Tagg on, I get the alerts.

    I've had it about a year and it still works like new. I think they should make something like this for children. It really works and I strongly recommend it.

    Wish I had had it when my dog left and a family took her as her own a mile away, until she escaped again and ended up at a vet's. Nothing is worse than knowing your dog is "out there" and not knowing where.

    I will always use Tagg for any dog I own!
  • Steve - Webroot is the way to go!I really like the SecureAnywhere software. It's quick, occupies minimal system resources (even during a full scan), and it has found some threats that my other Webroot Antivirus program did not. Generally speaking, Webroot's software is great and their customer service excellent. Highly recommended!

    On a slightly different note, I love how easy it is to install/uninstall Webroot, as opposed to some of their competitors (we know who they are). The other companies' stuff is almost like a virus when one has to do a complete uninstall and they leave all kinds of remnants in your system that slow it down. Webroot is quite the opposite.