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  • Bill L. Connely "Goldwing 1800" - I give this ten stars.I have 3 of these units. The screen is big (not their very latest and biggest though), it is easy to set, and the indicator for your speed goes red if you are over the speed limit. Makes the breaks correctly for exits on the freeway by splitting the screen so it is easy to glance at and follow in heavy traffic (e.g. Phoenix during rush hour) so you can plan ahead to set your exit strategy. It would be nice if it had a directional compass on it, but it has everything else. Entering a destination or address is easy as the keyboard letters are farily big (I have big hands and fingers). I have the unit(s) on all the time when traveling even if I know where I am going. I do this because the GPS MPH speed indicator is more acurate than my cycles and cars' speedometers. It does not have a port for an external speaker -- like might be used on a motorcycle, but since the screen is big enough it has never been a problem for me.
  • The FONZ - THE WAIT IS OVER!!!After I got this 32GB Asus for my daughter(6 years by way), I'm blown away how awesome it look and how speedy the processor is. Upgrade to new firmware 4.0 on day one.....SWEET!!! My daughter approve it and loves her You Tube and her Mario games on it. I never could be happy with my purchase as I load TONS of games 2500 plus games that I have install that play Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis and Playstaion games. *please don't ask how to get them as for legal reason* Simply amazing tablet and hands down for Asus! BTW.....I'm a Gamer. I WANT ONE NOW!!!.....I get me a 64GB and add a 32GB micro SD to expand it for more space. Whatever the people say here, they are entitle to their opinion. But I wonder if some people know how to use it to give it a low rating?...hmmm. I have no issue what so ever and barely scratch the surface on this. Took me awhile to get use to it but I got a feel of it now and how the 4.0 does wonders on it. I do admit, it does comes with flaw like any other issue with new things in the program but nothing major like any other manufacture out there hence Apple, Microsoft and Sony. I highly recommend this a buy than an iPad 3 any other day!!! I prefer my freedom to explore on the net and make my tablet that I want it to do in ways Apple won't let you then you have to go out of your way to jailbreak it to make it what you want with flaw and void your warranty. The choice is yours! ^_^
  • Marie44 "marie44" - low effort, high yieldWe have two of these. The white one is in the kitchen growing herbs, and the black one is in the office growing lettuce. I finally feel like a successful gardener! These come with explicit instructions and pictures so you can't make a mistake. There were only two issues: the lights weren't working correctly on the black one, and the customer service representative said to remove the battery and put it back in--that solved it in about two minutes. The other issue was the water was not flowing to all the plants on the white one, and a different customer service representative explained very patiently, step by step, how to adjust the water flow; it took just 5 minutes to fix. Both calls to customer service were answered within 5 minutes (during the holiday season in December!), both people were very helpful and patient, and both encouraged us to call back if there were any problems at all. There have been no more problems, and the plants are growing amazingly fast. The lights are very bright, so you may not want the AeroGarden in a bedroom, but it is very easy to time the lights to turn on and off when you want them to--as long as it's the right cycle for the particular plants you're growing. I'm excited about the different seed kits they have--we'll try Italian herbs next. Very little work, and lots of plants. Oh--when you put it together at first it won't look like the picture on the box because you raise the lights as the plants grow, so your Aerogarden will look short at first. Also, check the booklet to see if there are specific places to plant each pod. It didn't matter with the lettuce, but there is a plan for the herbs, so don't just put them anywhere. This is a wonderful garden I know we will enjoy for years.
  • J. Walker - Mostly accurate, but with some disturbing itemsIndeed this tome is a rare find. The variations in plot are truly unique and at times seem so randomly placed, especially when I reached the last page, well, I never saw it coming!

    My major disappointment with this particular book is that while the contents of the pages seemed, for all intents and purposes, to meet the requirements implied in the title, the page numbering and left most column of digits are an incredibly easy to discern sequence. Such mistakes may have been acceptable in the post-WWII era, but not today. Also, I was shocked that 2 was not always followed by 3, and ever so worse is that 2 is often followed by 5. "Five is right out!"

    There are also some disturbing points in this book. I often hear kids ask the seemingly harmless joke - "Why is six scared of seven?" If you carefully examine this book, you will discover numerous occurrences where seven eight nine. Is this purely coincidence or just a random occurrence? You decide.

    Despite that, I am really looking forward to volume 2, which is rumored to cover random negative numbers.
  • Jess McCarty - Welcome to I-10!II had to purchase the draft copy of I-10 for a college course to help transition from ICD-9 to I-10 and find the new manual very helpful. the color coding is great, but had to add tabs to the different sections to make it easier to flip to the necessary sections that much quicker. If the publisher would think to add tabs to make it physically easier to do this it would be a great improvement! That is my only complaint about the manual. So far it has been a wonderful tool in learning the new medical coding system that is fast approaching its implementation date of 10/1/2014!