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  • Jerry Zavada - Suspense that twists and turns!Some books have been written to be read, while some novels will be remembered just because they are better. Then there is Preston & Child,, they have taken 'WHITE FIRE' to another level. Better then 'RELIC', I think so. This one continues to twist and turn with a suspense level that has no end!
  • mau - great productThe tablet has a great size i would of like it to have more ram but it works great would defenitaly recomend it to anyone
  • S. Mills - the only one i useI've had norton, mcafee and numerus free softwares, but only kaspersky had succesfully kept me from getting a virus. I had a virus on my laptop and norton, nor macafee removed it. kaspersky was successful at removing the virus. I wait until it goes on sell on amazon to get it. You don't have to purchase it new every year unless you go past the one year expire date, then you have to..what can i say...I have a bad memory.
  • Gertrude, the Bad Queen "Live well, laugh lou... - Utterly charmingThe voice in this story picks up from the very first page and does not let you go. This is an unlikely cast of characters who are all beautifully portrayed. For instance, Dell, the school counselor, has categorized all of his well, victims, into 4 categories in
    "The Dell Duke System of the Strange:
    1 = Misfit
    2 = Oddball
    3 = Loan wolf
    4 = Weirdo "
    later, he adds 5 = Genius
    and still later. 6 = Dictator.
    (Oh, and 7 = Mutant)

    I may have been laughing at him at first, but there is a certain truth to his system that arises in any high school, definitely middle school, and possibly workplaces.

    When Willow decides to take up running, she plots a one mile course, and then waits for her friends to be ready to go. Then, as Willow puts it, "I'm lucky to still be alive." "I experience so many different health conditions - rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, dry mouth, pulmonary shock, muscle spasm--that it is impossible for me to even chronicle the degree of body breakdown."

    This is one of those books that may make all of us better people. While I was reading it, I thought and spoke out loud, "Wow," on more than one occasion. Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop.

    It was just wow.

  • Rachel M Klem - Perfect addition to my kitchenI LOVE the Sodastream. While I do not drink cola or lemon lime type sugary beverages, using this machine purely for it's carbonation is plenty. I bought the My Water flavor essence pack (Berry, Orange, and Lemon-Lime), and now make 1-2 bottles of selzer a day. It's very easy to use and works like a dream.