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  • Megan - LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!I never had acne going through puberty. It wasn't until college when I developed a little bit of acne, you know places here and there. I tried everything from the drugstores as well as Clinique. Nothing would work, stay on, and not cause me to breakout in pimples. My doc said there was nothing he could do since they were caused from stress. Imagine that! I finally got the courage to spend the money on bare minerals. The first time I put it on I wasn't very impressed. I know now that I wasn't applying the product correctly. I played around with it some and finally figured out how to do it properly. I love this product and will NEVER use anything different. Not only did it cover the stress pimples well, but it also improved my skin complexion and cleared up a lot of my skin. I recommend this to my friends all the time. I have converted a good handful of friends to the product. It is definitely worth the money. I bought mine about 3 months ago and still have plenty left. Amazing!
  • Tyler Hartman "Thanks, Tyler!" - iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy..iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy, As the title says! I've used Apple and Android cell phones, tablets, windows and apple Computers and (Linux). I'm very pleased with my purchase of the iPad Mini, It's everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. It's cheaper then the full sized one, it's smaller, it's easy to hold, theres tons of apps like with all iOS Devices, The battery lasts a good amount of time, the screen is very bright, the speakers are well built in ones but at that there very good, I'd recommend buying the Apple smart cover it makes that iPad you bought that much better, I've had it since day one and it's an amazing combo. I'm able to protect it, keep it apple clean and stylish, and it folds into a stand, and it unlocks it and locks it when closed and open. I'm Very happy, also I know it doesn't have a retina display but the picture is still very good, I'm comparing this to the my Previous Kindle fire, I know I know this going to be harsh but the kindle feels like a kids tablet but I guess you get what you pay for I got my kindle fire in 2012 mothers day special for 139.99$ that being said it's quite a bit more for the iPad, i'd rather work more and buy the iPad Mini that's how big of a difference I feel there is.


    I have to say I bought my iPad mini 16GB black from an Third Party eBay seller, because amazons price was higher and that's the only shame in this that amazon almost wants you to buy there tablet and keeps the apple jacked up maybe that isn't the case, but how it looks.
  • tkarpish "tkarpish" - After 30 years, Animals delivers an optimistic messageAlthough I have been a big Pink Floyd fan since the 70s, when I was a teenager, I didn't pay much attention to Animals until now. 20 years have gone by since I last listened to it - but now it has finally made its mark. Maybe the time was right, or enough time had elapsed, but now I can see that this album may be better, or at least as good as the other classics such as Dark Side or Wish You Were Here. Some very good reviews have been posted here about the guitar work and the lyrics, both of which are superb. To a fifteen-year old, the lyrics are cool, but to a 40-year old, the lyrics are brilliant - simplicity combined with profundity. Regarding the guitars, the three long tracks allow David to really punch home the emotions. I used to think that the Pigs on the Wing Pt. 1 and 2 were kind of useless, but now I see that the album needs the bookends to complete the thought process. We are led through Roger's (or Orwell's) mind, and come around at the end to a somewhat optimistic view of things. I wish The Wall had a better ending, since I tend to be optimistic about the world in general. I used to think that the Sex Pistols were making a statement in the 70s, but that sort of rebellion only lasts a short time because the music sucks. With good music, powerful thoughts can have staying power. I don't tend to agree with the harshness of Animals, but can see that with deep reflection, our society can move in a forward direction. And, hopefully, Roger intended for some of us to learn from his words, and not just get worked up into a frenzy of rebellion.
  • Philip Kipperman "BigPhillieStyle" - Wishing I was playing right now...I am not much of a PC gamer in general, but a friend turned me onto Diablo II when I was in college in 2006, years after its release. It immediately became my favorite game - a semester or two strewn with many missed classes (and a poorer gpa than I care to admit) was the result. After being teased with 2010-2011 release dates, Diablo III has finally arrived and boy is it worth the wait. If it were possible to skip work - I would be at home killing monsters, grabbing loot, and creating my own armor (a new and welcome addition to this version). The story and cutscenes are also much improved, but that is not what keeps you coming back. The search for that next item to improve your character is constanly knawing at the back of your mind. The new skill allocation system is great, allowing you to customize the character without permanently locking yourself into a build you later regret. I could say much more about this game, but I have to get back to work so I can leave here on time, go to a happy hour and make an excuse to leave early, and rush home to continue levelling up my barbarian. Happy Hunting!

    Note - I was originally upset about the mandatory online situation, but it really makes things more seamless. You're not gonna be playing this game on a road trip or anything so get a good internet connection and get going...