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  • Coyote - Wait... What?This book has great insight on the information age in the United States. If you are looking for the answer to why the rest of the civilized world has, reliable connections to the Interwebz while the USA seems just one step ahead of the dial-up era, read this book. It leaves you asking: "What?...Seriously?...I just...What?...this isn't real...Are you sure?...I think I need a transfer..."
  • D. A. Hartman - OMG!! It Worked!!I am 35 (just about 36) and have been trying to get pregnant for the past several months. Ladies you know that when you go off the Pill that your cycle goes wacky right? Well, when I saw this product, I was a sceptic but after looking at the other reviews I thought I would give it a try. If it only helped regulate my cycle I would have been happy with my purchase, but ladies after taking this product for only a month and a half, I am pregnant!!

    It was a challenge to remember to take it three times each day, but once you get into the habit of taking it at certain times it is not so bad. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get pregnant.
  • Alissa - Great Fun!Great fun! Your child will love assembling a mini-kit each day until Christmas. This is a perfect way to celebrate Advent without more sugar during this very sweet time of year. Also all these pieces can be easily added to your LEGO collection after the holiday passes. You may want to keep it up high as the temptation to open more days may be more than they can resist.
  • Grace G - Better than using a knife!Sometimes I forget which knifes I used to cut smelly onions or other smelly foods... you know those foods that stick to a kitchen utensils no matter how many times you tried scrubbing that scent off? Well, now there's this!! Gone are the days of using knifes! This is the best banana slicer in the world! You just place banana down and place this on top and slowly add pressure.. like in the picture.

    Reasons why I love this better than using a knife:
    1. Don't have to worry about accidentally cutting my fingers.
    2. Banana sliced in one easy go.
    3. Great bite size pieces.
    4. Safe for all ages!

    I highly recommend this product, and kinda surprise this hasn't been "as seen on tv"... unless it already has. I can't wait for the next model!! I want to slice more than 1 banana at a time.
  • Parkadd - Sometimes it's the driver that's bad...not the car.I disagree with some of the reviews below. I've used ACT! for almost 7 years now and the software is well worth the price.

    This software has given me and my employees the ability to manage our customer very effectively. You can easily customize the layout to add additional fields that capture the information that you need to know about your customer.

    This has been great for us and now we are taking advantage of segmenting our customer base to market to through email campaigns. This is easily done by creating groups with rules telling it what information to bring into the group.

    This database has grown with me from using it by myself to now supporting a sales team of 5. We created sales territories 2 years ago and we've been able to manage it quite easily through the use of groups and record manager assignment.

    One of the coolest things is its ability to export information to excel and then throw it into a pivot. We can easily quantify things like accounts per region, users per product, etc.

    As for the issues with customer support, I'll be honest I haven't found many business applications that don't charge some type of fee for help. I classify my business as a small business (we currently have 13 employees generating $4 million in revenue per year). We don't have a full time IT employee so we rely on doing things ourselves and usually invest in the additional phone/on-line support options for most of our computer/technology needs.

    Investments in applications like ACT! are extremely important if you want to grow your business without making large investments. This is the one area of your business that you'll feel the return on investment relatively quickly once you get the hang of how you want to slice and dice your customer base.

    Lastlly, on a side note...if you are new to using a database to manage your customers in, make sure you set aside time to develope a strategy before you get to far into using it. My biggest mistake was creating my strategy on the fly. This caused me many hours of work having to go in and redo things. An example I can share is I first used ACT! to only track contact info like name, address, phone, an notes. I didn't know that I should track other info to make it easier to track and market to my customers. When I learned how to add new fields into ACT! I began creating additional fields to track product type, contract expirations, last purchase date, and last purchase amount. I had to go back in and manually type this information in because I didn't plan for it when first starting to use ACT!