Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine - Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine / Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Suchtmedizin / Société Suisse de Médicine de l’Addiction / Società Svizzera di Medicina delle Dipendenze

Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • L. Slater - Good StuffI did a few things at the same time as I used Cataclean so I can't say all the improvements are entirely from this product. I did noticed the exhaust came out alittle faster and had almost no smell on the next tank. I replaced both pre and post catalytic converter Oxygen (O2) sensors. I had an engine light on for one of them. I would have replaced my catayltic converter but it seemed like more work and ripping apart than I wanted to do. So I found this product and ran it through right before I replaced the O2 sensors. I decided to use this over replacement because of all the great reviews on people that had problems with their catalytic converter that said it fixed their problem. I thought this was a good time to do preventative maintenance. I drive a 99 Mitsubishi Galant ES 4-cyl and I got the replacement O2 sensors from Amazon too.
  • andre - Well Worth itNow that i had this for a few months i might as well rate this above five star. you could throw this at a wall and it will work like a beauty. The special offers never get in the way.

    Durable little tablet.
    Very good speed.
    Amazing Picture Display.
    Good capacity.
    Sound quality exceeds perfection.

    Battery life sucks when playing games but when reading is good.
    No back facing cam.
    Slow charging speed.
    No way of increasing Capacity.

    So for this tablet on my rating scale i would rate this a 93 out of 100, sure its the best tablet i ever had in my hands, but it does not have much apps for doing work and you cant move things out of the download folder but for all the cons it has, it has the best sound quality i have ever heard and is very good with Skype and other social apps.
  • Blario - Works, that's all i wantWindows 8 for me is straight forward and easy to use. My apps on it works, it's fast, and overall it's a better experience than what I had with previous windows.

    If you don't like the Metro side of windows 8, there is probably over 20 softwares to make windows 8 like windows 7 or previous windows version.
  • Matthew Scott Baker - An Excellent Martial-arts Mystery!Don't let the simple title of this film fool you: this is not a simplistic movie, nor does it deal with a scaly creature that breathes fire. In reality, this film is SO much more. Part action flick and part mystery, DRAGON ensnares you from the opening sequence and never lets go. With mind-bending fight scenes and an enthralling enigma, this is one film that you will not want to miss.

    I have to confess that I liked DRAGON more than I was expecting to. Much more, in fact. I figured, after reading the plot synopsis, that I was going to enjoy it, but almost blew me away. The fight scenes are intense and unique, the plot is paced well and unravels the mystery perfectly, and the acting is great as well. You really can't ask for much else.

    Donnie Yen, the actor that portrays the main character, is a phenomenal talent on-screen and I always enjoy his work. In this particular role, we get to see his versatility as an actor; one minute he plays a daft paper-mill worker in the small village, but the next he's playing a cool, calculating assassin. It's truly inspiring to see his ability to shift gears like this.

    DRAGON is shot very well and the action scenes are top-notch. But the story is what really wins the mark. There's plenty of intrigue and emotional drama in this film, but it never bogs down. The pacing is perfect and the answer to the mystery of Liu's background unfolds just as it should.

    I highly recommend giving DRAGON a look. This film has a little something for everyone. If you like martial arts action, you're in for a real treat; Donnie Yen choreographed the fight scenes, so they're filled with adrenaline-fueled mayhem. And you if you enjoy a mystery, there's enough intrigue here to make Sherlock Holmes proud. Do yourself a favor and check this one out for sure.
  • Malibu College Student - Not for gay useI am a gay man who purchased these pens for my boyfriend of 6 years. He absolutely loved them and used them everyday to write down his gay agenda. To my horror, after six months of heavy use, he turned into a woman. At first, I was heartbroken. The love of my life was no longer attractive to me, but eventually I came around. Turns out, now we can legally get married! Thanks Bic for Women!!