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  • AHealey - I have never been one to sweat....until nowI have never been one to sweat. Even with the 100 degree heat we face in the summer, i barely will "glisten"
    But with this product my body finally reacts and sweats. AND because its heating my muscles up I feel as though I
    can go longer and harder, and if I stretch with it on, my flexibility increases. I do not know how it works, but I do know it is working.

    Due to the increase in my body temperature from using this product, my metabolism has also slowly increased and I have finally
    gotten off my weightloss plateau.
  • IrishandAwesome "Docjgradyswife" - Great Tablet ( College Student)First off, I have owned so many tablets it's ridiculous. I have owned Ipads, Kindles, Nook's, the first version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 3G, and the list goes on. By far, this is the best tablet I have owned. It works great, the battery lasts forever, the screen is amazing, and it was extremely cheap compared to the price of most other tablets. Google Play store is just as good as the iTunes in my opinion, has pretty much the same apps. I was skeptical when I purchased it because of the older Galaxy Tab I owned, but Samsung has definitely done their homework, and did well with this tablet.