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  • Stephen Collins - Bleak. So bleak.Try as I might to go into reading McCarthy's The Road without preconceptions, I just couldn't do it completely. I'd seen the film, I knew of other friends who read it and had varying (though broadly positive) responses to it, and had looked at a bunch of the reviews on Goodreads. Let alone the fact that it's a Pulitzer Prize winner (amongst a not-inconsiderable list of other awards).

    That all said, I think I largely managed to read the book without those collective factor weighing overmuch upon me. No small feat.

    McCarthy's book touches so many factors - the Hero's Journey, a road tale, father-son relationships, dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, cautionary tales of what might happen if Mankind continues on our merry way, environmentalist warnings of a world denuded of its biosphere. The richness of all of these intersecting at once, and the interesting style of McCarthy's writing, which is stripped very bare but remains full of depth and meaning, makes The Road something more than just an interesting piece of fiction; rather, it's an artwork in and of itself.

    Possibly (if not certainly) the bleakest tale I've read in a good long while, The Road should be something we all read. It may not necessarily be to everyone's taste, but should be read.
  • mmm - Works Better than System I HadMy husband was complaining about the amount of spam that was getting through our previous virus software so when I got an email from Amazon offering the Norton at a special price it was a no-brainer. Kind of don't like to pay for what I don't get and this is good for three PCs but I only have one and you can't use it on a tablet or smart phone, but it was still a decent price and the complaints have stopped about the spam. So a happy spouse and a safer computer are good things.
  • J. Jackson - Single-handedly changed my relationship with food.My doctor recommended this book to me after I complained about my struggle losing the baby weight from my two kids. I bought it, read it, shared it with my husband, and we are both down about 15lbs in about 2 months. It's all very common sense, but the fact that you know what substitutions to use in all aspects of your meal planning is really great. We made a list of substitutions from the grocery section and took it to the store with us when shopping. Some of the info inside is staggering when you realize how much calories and sodium are in things you've been eating for years. I haven't changed my exercise frequency much and I've felt healthier and looked better than I have in years. This is a really great reference if you're looking for a good foundation to healthy eating.
  • James P Faye Jr - Great Internet Security SoftwareI previously was using Norton 360, and I just didn't want all the extras that it provided. But this does all the main things and it is one of the best ones out there. I did have a slight problem with Iolo's System Mechanic Professional with all the security features disabled. So I just had to uninstall it, load this, then reinstall it and it worked like a charm. I couldn't be happier.
  • W. N. Stryker "author and historian" - "Summers With Lincoln" by James Percoco, 2008This book is an absolute "must have" for anyone of any age who is interested either casually or seriously in Abraham Lincoln. It takes the most studied President of the United States and yet adds value through the dimension of his many memorials which is both new and insightful. Percoco conveys Lincoln's relevance while guiding his interpretations of the monuments through both the minds of Lincoln's many sculptors and the modern experiences and values of today's youthful scholars. It begins with a well-grounded, personal and historical backdrop and proceeds to rile up the reader's interest. It vibrantly captures the emotions and themes meant to be instilled by the creators of Lincoln's memorial sculptures.
    William N. Stryker, author and historian.