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  • Suzanne - LGBT people are Christians?After years of reading from various research texts and books concerning LGBT people and the church I have finally read a comprehensive book that provides a sound theology and articulate response for Christians that does not require us to abandon our faith. James Brownson writes with a discerning heart and mind that engages an open forum toward the investigation of LGBT people and their place in Christianity. Others like Gagnon and Hays write from one-sided perspectives and do a disservice to readers in not providing rigorous educational material that presents the entire landscape of Christian history and culture. By writing from a biased perspective, Gagnon superficially writes himself into a corner that is narrow in its thinking and allows few to join him in his personal theory about LGBT Christians. Gagnon does not believe that there are LGBT Christians; instead, he would rather cut part of humanity out of the kingdom for his own glory. Meanwhile Brownson writes from the entire landscape of Christian history and culture all the while disproving weak arguments from Gagnon and other writers who share an uninformed view. James Browson's book, Bible, Gender Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate on Same-Sex Relationships, is by far the most authoritative source on the subject that will inform readers to understand the truth about LGBT people and Christianity.
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