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  • Adrienne Garriepy "A. GARRIEPY" - FANTASTIC on a woman's head tooI bought from this merchant before and he's got fabulous shipping time to here in New England.

    About the product, the product is fabulous. In 2 days time I notice already that I have much less hair loss in the tub after I shower. When I comb my hair less falls out by a long run. I have yet to notice how it will be in 2 weeks or even 6 months, but my dermatologist will be pleased.

    I first tried the liquid accidentally thinking that the product was the same as the one my doctor recommended, then I remembered she referred me to the foam Minoxidil.
    Well this foam is unbelievable, no running down into my face and eyes.

    I don't need to cool off my hands as recommended on some sites, but I tried using a rubber glove and that was nice to keep it off my hands. Then I decided to "get down and dirty" and use both hands, ungloved, and rub the stuff in like I would shampoo. Much better and easier when you have to do a whole head or a large area. Don't be afraid of the stuff. It's like using styling foam. Only thing different is you rub it into your scalp rather than accentuating your hair. You can style your hair as usual with the stuff only thing is it seems to strip the color treatment I have in my hair out of my hair. My hair looks a bit white to gray with the stuff in, and it makes the hair feel nasty and dry. But when washed out, the hair comes back to natural luster again.

    Great product Pfizer. Good work.
  • Serena "S." - Cheaper than buying a new laptop!!After doing much research, reading a lot of reviews both here and on the Microsoft website I decided to take the plunge and download the upgrade, at a much cheaper price of $40 bucks. Even though I was wary of the massive amount of negative reviews, honestly I'm so glad I decided to make the change! My laptop, about 6 years old, is a Sony Vaio running "Vista" and was a nightmare to deal with. If I could avoid having to even go near my laptop I would, for days, even weeks on end. Startup took about 5 minutes (I finally timed it before upgrading), and everything ran so slow.

    This upgrade has given my laptop a whole new life! I don't get why people were so angry, and upset over not having a windows toolbar/start menu. Isn't that the main reason a computer would freeze anyways? Glad to have the clunky look gone, and this modern layout. I'm a minimalist so I deleted a lot of the pre-set tiles, only have what I need so there is less clutter. All of my files are still here, did not lose any photos/music/files at all! And in desktop mode, everything is still in its original place, so if you are feeling nostalgic to look at the old Windows view you still can.

    As far as the whole "adjusting" timeframe, took me less than 20 minutes. It's like pretending your laptop is a tablet or smartphone, which is awesome. Thanks Microsoft, you just saved me from having to buy a new laptop!! If you are on the fence and tired of your slow Vista running laptop I say go for it, you will be glad you did!
  • Sophie - A Fabulous and Funny Read!"High Five" by Janet Evanovich gets a High Five Stars from me! This fifth instalment in the uproariously funny Stephanie Plum series may just be the best yet. A well-written and suspenseful mystery is blended perfectly with Stephanie's hilarious misadventures to create an all-around wonderful read."High Five" begins with Stephanie, Trenton's "bombshell bounty hunter", in the midst of a financial depression. She is not making nearly enough money picking up FTA's to make rent and she needs to find a solution fast. It's not a whole lot of use to Stephanie when her family enlists her help to find her missing Uncle Fred the cheapskate, because there's no bond money involved when and if she does find him. But family duties cannot be ignored, so Stephanie sets to work trying to find out what happened to Uncle Fred, and why he disappeared on his way to the garbage company to settle a dispute over $2. Right at the start her investigation, Stephanie comes across some disturbing photos of body parts in garbage bags found in Uncle Fred's desk, which makes it clear that Fred had become involved in something very nasty.But searching for Uncle Fred won't pay Stephanie's rent and when she turns to her mentor and fellow bounty hunter Ranger for help, he hires her as part of Rangeman Enterprises. This leads Stephanie to a string of disastrous and dangerous jobs of dubious legal validity that will have readers laughing out loud. Add to that a very small FTA named Randy Briggs who wants nothing to do with being brought back into the system and you have the recipe for a hilarious read.But "High Five" has a dark edge to it as well. Benito Ramirez, the sociopathic boxer with a penchant for mutilating women who stalked Stephanie in "One for the Money", is out of jail and back to harassing poor Stephanie, who is justifiably terrified. On top of that, a series of mysterious murders all related to Uncle Fred's garbage company and a bomb planted on Stephanie's car, lead Stephanie to the conclusion that she is in the middle of something very serious, and that someone besides Ramirez wants her dead. Evanovich skilfully builds the suspense, and readers will be swept along with the intriguing mystery to a satisfying conclusion.All the characters we have grown to know and love throughout the series are back and better than ever in "High Five". Gun-toting Grandma Mazur and 200+ lb ex-hooker Lula are guaranteed to keep readers laughing, while the sexual tension between Stephanie and the two men in her life, sexy vice cop Joe Morelli and enigmatic bounty hunter Ranger, is sure to tantalize and fascinate readers.You just cannot miss with "High Five". Evanovich has crafted an enticing and exciting tale that will keep readers captivated and will leave them begging for more. It is downright impossible to dislike the intrepid Stephanie Plum, whose unique, sassy, and witty point of view makes this series so great. "High Five" comes very highly recommended.
  • John Lowe - Where has this been all my life??I, like others on here, had no idea bananas could be sliced ! If the monkeys in the jungle had these just imagine how much we coud save on harvesting. I carry this everywhere I go. I even took it through the airport and had no problem getting on the plane with it. I had it attatched to my name badge with "Loraina B." (my name) on it and they just smiled as I went through the security check. I know they were envious that they did not have a banana slicer of their own. Kuddos to you guys for inventing this thing and move over HUla Hoop...there a new guy in town!!