Tacticabiw.18.to Review:

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Country: Asia, HK, Hong Kong

  • Milton "mtn biker" - works greatthis liner is very versitile you can have any combo of rear seats up or down.
    the plactic is non skid so your cargo tends not to roll around as much. Spill proof which is good if you have kids sitting back there.
    It was an easy install took minutes to install, it takes a while for the plastic to get broken in but it works great, doesn't fall off or anything. Would recommend this over the mat that comes with the vehicle which is useless unless you don't plan on using the back seats and keep them down all the time, which was not my case.
  • RAT - Much cheaper at Amazon.I've checked many places for Align but the cheapest I found was on Amazon, this is not a prescribed medicine so it's not covered by insurance so when you are taking one a day it goes very fast.