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  • SDH13 - Awesome PlanI can't say enough about this plan. Finally, a plan that not only peels of the pounds but teaches you a healthy lifestyle. Once you have met your goal weight, you merely eat from ALL of the food lists which is just about everything you would want, and follow the third phase which again, is everything you could want in daily eating. It teaches you to eat whole foods that are all healthy and many are finding they are able to rid themselves of meds for various weight related illnesses.

    I can't understand how one particular review states it's starving people and little food portions but many of us can't even eat alllll of the food. During the loss process the first 2 phases do limit the groups you eat from however, the third phase and again, the one you follow to maintain your weight once you hit your goal is from all of the food groups and so much to eat :0) You're likely to never be hungry, but for the times you are, you don't have to wait so many more hours, you just eat veggies of your choice to hold you over,

    If you have an issue with this plan, most likely it is going to be eating ALLL of the food you are supposed to.
    If someone can tell you they starve on this plan then they need more than an eating plan because they are used to eating waaaaay too much food lol

    The pounds are peeling off and all the while, eating super healthy foods :0))

    If someone tells you it's like starving then they obvious have NOT tried it. Some of the negative reviews seem more like a recruiting session for another well know diet plan. Sour grapes that this one is not only so healthy but it works so incredibly well :0)

    Give it a try, you'll be so happy you did and there's a great support group online, which makes you feel so much support and helpf, and the author of this plan has a facebook page where she answers your questions daily.
  • K. Herbrand - How would you feel if you lost 6 months of your life?Shauna awoke after being in a coma for six weeks to a nightmare that she would like to forget. She had no idea why or how she ended up in the hospital. Actually, she couldn't remember the last 6 months. She knew who she was, who her brother Rudy was, her dad Landan, "Uncle" Trent, even her evil stepmother Patrice. However, she did not know Wayne Spade, the guy who claimed to be her boyfriend. How could she have forgotten him?

    After Shauna is released from the hospital, Wayne offers to stay with her 24/7 to help her recuperate. He works for her Uncle Trent at her father's company, McAllister MediVista, so there isn't a problem with him getting some time off. She discovers that her brother Rudy is brain-damaged due to the accident that put her in the coma. The accident that they say she caused. She had been indicted while in the coma because they had found Ecstacy in her system, and in her car, and in her apartment. She couldn't EVER remember taking drugs in her life. How could this be happening to her?

    Rudy had been her father's favorite ever since he had married Patrice. She had been left for Patrice to raise and Patrice was every bit the wicked stepmother - even burning Shauna with an iron. But did her father believe her? No. He believed Patrice when she told him that Shauna just wanted to be the center of attention. This drove a wedge between Shauna and her dad, which is why she now calls him Landon.

    Soon, Shauna starts remembering things - but they don't seem to be her memories. Why is she remembering things that couldn't possibly have happened to her? And can she really trust Wayne or is he trying to kill her?

    The underlying theme in Kiss is that God will always love you and you don't need to fear. (Shauna keeps remembering her deceased mom telling her this.) What Shauna wants more than anything is for Landon to feel this way about her. We also get to see some family and romantic relationships develop and some family and romantic relationships fall apart. You will have to read to find out whose!
  • 2Irish4u - 30 years of consistent use says theres nothing better...I've been using the Sensitive Skin Feminine Wash since it was first introduced (prior to that I used their normal skin product) and, although I strayed away a few times when it wasn't on the store shelf, I can't imagine ever changing. The consistency of the product is thinner than say shower gel or liquid hand soap, it is mostly clear in color and it has no scent. I have very sensitive skin, as well as the bladder condition known as Interstitial Cystitis which feels like a never ending urinary tract infection, so I am quite picky about what I wash with. This feminine wash has never irritated me in the nearly 30 years I've been using it, even when my IC symptoms are are their worst, and that is saying a lot. Moreover, it does a great job of keeping that important area fresh and clean (my husband can testify). I use it every day in the shower; it just takes me less than a minute to dispense about a nickle sized portion onto my finger tips, "hand wash", and then rinse clean...nothing to it. Amazon's subscribe & save program price point is about $4.25/15 oz. bottle, which is comparable with the sale price at CVS or Walgreens for the same size bottle plus, it comes right to my door at no extra cost...one less thing I have to remember to buy. This is one of the very few products I've ever stuck to over the years and that is because it really is the best at what it does.