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  • Sam I Am - Hey Skinny! If you want to be a real man, buy this $500 Denon cableWhy the five (5) star (*****) review? Because, my dear friends, I am writing this message to you from THE FUTURE - after stealing the boyfriend's mother's credit card, I bought three of these sweet babies, hired a day laborer named Paco to weld them together for me, and voila! Pedro... I mean Paco... and I are now dirty dancing in the year 2018! The only downside is that we can't find anyone willing to sell us the papers we need to get back to the year 2008...

    So in the meantime, while I'm waiting for the call back from Denon tech support, I'm blogging from the future, and what a future it is, my dear friends of the past. Chelsea is President - again. Someone strapped Al Gore to a satellite and launched him into orbit a few years back, and on a clear night, with a nice pair of binoculars, you can see him waving frantically as his pasty butt hurtles through space and beyond...
  • lminaglia - severe acne can be resolved qith thus product!!!!I have tried for years... literally since I was 13 years d ( I'm 26) and I have tried everything from Accutane to 300 dollar acne solutions and nothing has consistently done as well for my skin than Exposed Skincare. I have used this peoduct for just about 2 years. With all the great tips and inside of how to continuously keep your pores clean and keep your acne away and there is nothing in this moment in time that does the job like exposed skin care! I promise you will not regret the choice of getting this product.
  • Kelly A. Ghazarian - The nudge you need.Let me give a little background information before i dive right in.

    My best friend, male, is a very sweet fun guy who happens to have the esteem of roadkill, if i may be so bold. Naturally, I want to help him get over this; i try to introduce him to friends, invite him places to gain social confidence,compliments,advice, etc.NOTHING WORKS. And honestly, being the classy lady that i am, I am not to fond of dating/pickup-advice books. In my humble opinion, I'd rather the men around me be awkward than smooth criminals. This book changed my mind.

    MY BROTHER, newly engaged, recommended i give " " this book.Naturally, i investigated prior. Edwards, least of all, comes off as the man i assumed him to be. He is simply an intuitive guy who's intentions are not to scam women, but to give men the tools they need to be confident with themselves in the dating world. This book, which secrets, i will admit, are not the best kept, is in an easy to read format that feels both natural and empowering.

    My friend has benefited tremendously from this book. He is the 'charmer' at parties now, rather than the seat warmer. He is now exclusively dating a wonderful girl, whom we both adore ;), but most of all his confidence is at an all time him and he is HAPPY. So do i recommend this book- indefinitely.
    Upon examination now, this reminds me of a saying (indeed, cheesy!), i try to live by- "Choose joy."

    Good luck to all!
  • essie - My New Best FriendThis sweet little vacumm cleans my whole house in minutes. I replaced carpet with hardwood and was surprised how much fine sand/dirt the dogs brought in. Now I can whip out my Dyson and all the sand and dust bunnies dissappear. Would like a different on button, maybe a trigger or maybe one that allows you to lock it on when you want to. Took a few tries to learn how to drive it but after I mastered that...whoopie!!!