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  • Tom Brody - Every last bit of coaching helps. It possible that even the brightest students can improve their lot with this workbook.This is a 480-page book from an established company, Kaplan. The format is large: 8.5 inches by 11 inches. While the cover is glossy, all of the pages inside are printed on inexpensive off-white paper. The book comes with a PASSWORD, for use in accessing an on-line course.

    This is a workbook. The purpose is to provide practice exams and self-imposed drills to students. The pages are for writing on, and for taking notes. Once the student has taken the PSAT test, or the SAT test, the workbook can be discarded, or handed down to a younger student.

    The book has these parts: (1) PSAT basics; (2) Diagnostic test; (3) PSAT strategies; (4) Mathematics; (5) Writing test; (6) How to prepare for the test day; (7) Practice test 1; (8) Practice test 2; (9) Practice test 3; (10) Compute your score; and (11) PSAT resources.

    The book is, in part, a teacher. For example, page 169-173 show various kinds of verb tense errors, an error called "collective nouns," the trap of "intervening phrases," pronoun erros," and something called "ambiguous reference." Page 183 is devoted to an error in English called, "Bad parallelism."

    Practice Test Two (pages 261-313), for example, contains dozens of different READING COMPREHENSION questions, for example, questions where there is a 1-page narrative, followed by 14 questions. For example, page 266 contains a narrative on innate language. One of the questions is, "The author mentions computers in the second paragraph primarily to illustrate the (A) way humans learn language through experience, (B) importance of computer use to a child's language acquisition, (C) progress in understanding language made using computer models, (D) inability of computers to use language creatively, and (E) possibility that humans are born knowing how to use language.

    Pages 425 to 466 contains a long list of "hard words," useful for students with an urge to perform better. Word lists such as this, are also studied by premedical students, eager to do well on their MCAT exams. This particular word list include, "solicitous," "spartan," squalid," "strident," and "stringent." To tell you the truth, I am not sure what is the meaning of "stringent." Let's see, the Kaplan book says, "imposing severe, rigorous standards." Hmm, I thought that "stringent" meant caustic, or having a flavor that makes you contract your mouth. Hmm, a look into a dictionary tells me that what I was thinking of was, "astringent." Now let's see, does the Kaplan book have the word, "astringent"? YES, IT DOES. Well, I am impressed!

    Kaplan was founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan, who started the business by tutoring students for the New York State Regents Exam in the basement of his parents' Brooklyn home. Later, he opened locations around the country. In 1984, Kaplan sold the company to The Washington Post Company.
  • - Dr. Atkins Two Thumbs Up!!I have had the Atkins diet book for over a year and I just started my new way of eating 11 days ago. I have lost 6 pounds so far and feel great.My best friend and her husband have both lost 10 pounds each over the past 11 days. At first I thouhght this program would be hard but it really isn't, who thought you could lose weight eating bacon cheese burgers. I was very skeptical at first and didn't believe I'd lose a pound let alone go into ketosis, but I did after 3 days. I recommend all skeptics to try the diet for the 14 days and I bet after you see the results you will continue. Finally after many diets and diet pills I feel confident that I will reach my weight lose goals. THANK YOU DR. ATKINS