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  • B. K. Brown - Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them FreeThank you for asking me to review this great book. First of all this book should be read by both women and men. I believe that the lies which are mentioned, not only pretain to women but to men, also. Second this book brings to light the lies we have gotten caught up in without even knowing what was going on. We used this book as a study in our Ladies Bible Study and you would be surprise how it has changed our outlook on life and helped us to be more aware of what is really going on around us. We should always put to the test, no matter the issue, does it line up with Scripture? What does God's Word say to this issue? When we keep our focus on God's Word, the Truth will set us free from the lies and God's forgiveness will give us peace and joy.

    I highly recommend this book.
  • A Fan OF Science and History "DSZF" - My own story might tell you somwthing.I give five stars because I think if it is classified as a fiction book, it will not have those negative review. A good book for movie or political purpose.

    After I heard the book review on NPR, I went to read the story of the book from web site and BBS.

    I am not going to judge the story in the book is fake or not. I am going to tell you my own real life story. I believe the readers can make their own judgement with common sense.

    Here it is:

    My father became a lecturer of his Alma mater, one of a top medical schools in East China, after he graduated from that university. (Which means staying in the same school and became a teacher or a researcher- 留校). He got his "Right-Wing Element Title"--So called pro-western intellectual about three years later and was stripped off teaching rights. His title of "Right-Wing Element" was overturned in 1979.

    But, I had no problem to study in the elementary school and middle/high school in my whole life.

    At that time period, if you graduated from middle/high school and could become a worker in a factory, you would think you were very very lucky because many of young graduates went to countryside. The social statue of a worker was high at that time of period.

    I graduated from middle school and participated in the "National Standard Entry Examination for the Universities-全国统考" in 1978 and got into a top university in China without any problem. The tuition, dorm, electricity and water (hot and cold) were free and almost all of my classmates, including me, also got some kind of financial support for books and food from the government. All universities were public schools at that time and the financial support called "助学金"--"Student Assistant Money". It was "needed" based, but most of students could get some. If you were from poor family, you might get extra financial support for cloth, etc.

    BTW, In some places of China at that time, like in Shanghai where I came from, people called the high school as middle school. It was equivalent to the high school in the States. Today, middle school and high school are different in China.

    That is my true story.
  • Kolleen Carroll. - Seatbelt requiredArtie at his best again. He is so honest with that sense of humor that keeps you laughing. His struggle with addiction and the fall from the Stern show is like a train wreck you know is going to happen. Hang on for the ride. Easy read . You can go fishing now Artie. Bless you and your family.Love the show.