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  • D. Campbell "music lover" - I needed this bookWhen I finally 'went crazy'in a relationship, and had my eyes opened for me about my crazy behavior, I bought this book and read about myself on every page. This book is a life saver for me. It is loving, kind, gentle, and understanding. She's been there, done that, and recovered. I can recover, too. I had long thought that my love mechanism was screwed up by intense childhood abandonment, but now I understand it lots better and see a path to health. Thank you so much.
  • A. L. Genzale - A great bargain for an Antivirus program!Norton Antivirus sets the standard in Antivirus programs, and works great! You really need a good powerful antivirus program to protect against the many viruses on the internet that can easily damage your computers. It scans constantly for any viruses and spyware and warns when there's any problem or a potential issue. And at this low price you can protect up to 5 computers or tablets for a full year.
  • Voice of Reason "Thats right, I went there." - A whole new perspective on gamingI think this game is an amazing advancement for gamers as a whole and wasn't meant for Sims fans, in fact i doubt you would like it if you were a Sims fan, which i assume most of you are(nothing wrong with that, just that this game might not be the kind of game you like). I loved this game but that isn't the point of this review. It is a new way to look at thwe gaming experience, it may not be the gbest of any of the types of games it is, but it is the best sampler for those beginner gamers. It was the first try at this type of game and I KNOW for a fact there will be ALOT more games just like it, except better. This was an amazing advancement in gaming and deserves a better review than most of you fools have given it.
  • Sunshine635 - SweatblockWe bought sweatblock for my 16 yo son. He has used every week for 16 weeks and really has seen great results. He is no longer ruining all his t-shirts or having to change two to three times per day. It really has helped reduce the amount of sweat. The longer we use the better the results are. There is no build up or residue. We love it and would recommend it to anyone.