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  • K. Forrest "mre13" - A Welcome "Home""At Home in Mitford", the first in the Mitford series, is a novel that will sincerely touch your soul, as you follow the life of Father Tim, as he learns that life, indeed, can begin after 60. Surrounded by a parish, and a town, of loving and lovable characters, Father Tim meets love in the form of author Cynthia, adopts a lost boy (Dooley) and a God-fearing behemoth of a dog named Barnabas. This is one of the few books in my life which has made me laugh out loud, cry, and rejoice that there are indeed still authors who truly deserve the title of artist. Ms. Karon is that deserving person.
  • Kelly Katula - A great resource for finding a medical school.This is a great guide for comparing medical schools in the US and Canada. It has admission reqirements, dates, contacts, scholarship levels, costs...... Recommended for anyone considering a medical education.
  • DystopianFan - A captivating Dystopian read; psychological aspects are fascinating and believableA captivating read. The story moves at a good pace and reveals many layers as you go. As things are revealed, you realize everyone is doing what they think is best for the community. It is difficult to discuss the intricacies in any detail without spoiling some of the components of the story, but I found the psychological aspects of their particular scenario fascinating, and it was possible to find yourself empathizing with all the characters, both good and "bad". There is a well done blend of action, suspense, and psychological drama in Wool. This is truly a fascinating world that the author has created. The last 200+ pages simply fly by. I felt the climax at the end of the book almost moved too quickly, but the events that unfolded felt true to the characters. If you like dystopian stories, you should read this book.