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  • B. Candler - Essential reading for allThis book takes you through how to reposition yourself in everyday activities - sitting, walking, sleeping - to help your body be as healthy as it can be. This book, not the two doctors and physical therapist I've seen, helped me control my knee pain (if not totally eliminate it). I used to wake up achy and sore, scared I had developed arthritis in my 30s, but now, I feel fine when I wake up. Finally, I never thought I could have a strong core, as I tried lots of different exercises focused on strengthening my stomach, and now, I do, from walking and sitting properly. I love this book and would like all my family and friends to read it.
  • Keisha Broomes - True-to-life book on family, pain, and eventual healingI've been a Terry McMillan fan since Mama, and this book did not disappoint me. This book was in some ways, a breath of fresh air, because it's a bit different than the flood of books filled with fabulous characters, romance, money, jet-setting, and character's living lives that most of us will never experience. Honestly, I think many of us know people like the characters in the book: hotel workers and neighbors, nurses and social workers, drug addicts, Christians, older people with dementia, pain-in-the behind siblings, weak-willed children, relatives with alternative lifestyles, and so on.

    Betty Jean was so real, I felt she could have been a cousin or aunt. Betty Jean was a hard-working woman with problems. I think this may have been the first book I've ever read that showed a mother with honest feelings of disappointment for how her children turned out. Terry presented a book that told a fundamental truth for all parents: we can try our very best, but we have less control over our children's choices than we like to think. After reading this book, I thought, "Thank God, somebody said it. It had to be said."
  • John Sperry - Improved stamina, constitution, and agility vs. 3 Badger shirtAs a decade owner of a 3 Badger shirt I was eager to try out the Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. I was almost overwhelmed as I put on the Shirt "Teddy-Bear" style (Shirt only - no pants). The immediate increase in my stamina, constitution and agility levels raised all the hair along my back. Impressed - yes. Now to test er out.

    I had a Trip to Boston already in the works. I wore the shirt to the airport feeling fully juiced. As I approached the line they diverted my over to the magical "TSA Pre" line. Already the shirt was doing it's job. I had just by-passed a 45 min line. Mojo workin.

    Onto the taxis. I was directed by my spirit guide to head down an extra flight of stairs. I decided to follow and much to my surprise I found a Taxis waiting there for me. All cylinders firing now!

    At the hotel when I checked in, I went to my room. Upon entering I briefly smelled a hint a vanilla in the air. A robe was laid out on the bed and plush slippers by the side. All looked perfect until I realized their were two queen beds and yes some dude from my office was bunking with me. I give credit to the shirt for the room. I feel the double-bunking was not associated with the powers of the shirt.

    All in all, I say the first trip was a success. I'm ready for week 2!