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  • Geneva Christie - Jim Butcher's "Bombshells" would be worth the whole price all on its own, plus there are so many other great contributors tooI began with Jim Butcher's "Bombshells" because I'm a huge fan of The Dresden Files series. It was exceptionally good, just what I hoped and expected it would be.
    The Dresden Files books are written from the protagonist Harry Dresden's POV so it's only in these occasional short stories or novellas that an opportunity exists to see the 'Dresdenverse' from the viewpoint of the other major characters. Just as one's spouse and parents and kids, coworkers, et cetera are people whom you deeply and honestly know but nevertheless have parts of their lives which you don't see, that's what Jim Butcher takes the opportunity to write about in short stories.
    "Bombshells" is from his ex-apprentice's POV. It's a plus to know the series already but I truly don't think that a first-timer to Harry Dresden's Chicago would feel at all lost in the story. I hope that many, many readers who haven't happened to read Jim Butcher previously will go forward to read all the books of this wry, quick-paced and quick-witted, action-packed series which always has such incredibly well-developed characters. None of them in the novels, not even minor characters, ever are cardboard-y toss-aways.
    And yes, this anthology is also my opportunity to sample some stories from several other authors whom I've meant to try. While other readers will be finding Jim Butcher here for the first time and delighting in "Bombshells," I'll be tasting some other authors in it which are new to me plus some others whom I've not read for awhile.
  • Andy - Interesting readVery revealing and important information for good health, drug Companys do not want this information out there, very easy read for the layman.
  • A. Waterford "drpepperpolevault" - Great book!I was going off the 2010 version and got this version. There are some GREAT changes to the book. It is better organized, and the color is so helpful! There is no longer a section for photos which makes you flip back and forth, they're in the section along with the disease/process that is being discussed.

    Well worth the upgrade to 2012!
  • Sean H. Campbell - S.H.I.E.L.D. is slowly lowering its defenses and letting the viewers in. It's worth sticking with.I'll keep this short and sweet by echoing what many fans seem to say: this show is a slow-burner, but if you get through the perfectly enjoyable if somewhat generic first five or six episodes, you're in for a real treat, especially if you're a Whedonverse fan (I loved the recent Easter Egg for "Dollhouse" fans with the "Did I fall asleep?" reprisal). I felt compelled to rush in with a 5-star review especially because I saw that the execrable and patently idiotic show "Revolution" has an even higher score than this show, which is not only never outright moronic, but the characters are far, far more than likable after only a few episodes, something that never comes close to happening in "Revolution." Horrible show, that.

    Anyway, my 5-star review is just a bit about the show's potential, but also about how vastly the show has improved in recent weeks, almost by leaps and bounds, appropriately. It still needs a centralized focus to anchor the creature-feature weeks, which is starting to come into view, and the characters need to deepen, which is happening every week. Beyond that, the show looks gorgeous, and the actors are more than coming into their own. Any cast with Clark Gregg is going to be worthwhile; he's wonderful and effortlessly charismatic, not to mention hilarious.

    In even shorter terms: the show is truly finding its groove, and far faster than many other shows that eventually became great. If you're expecting "Breaking Bad" or "Mad Men" levels of fully-formed series television and incredibly complex and deep subtext, you're coming to the wrong place. If you're looking for a classical television series that will clearly be worth our while in the long run (and even now, I'd argue), you will be quite satisfied.