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  • Ola Ustad - Required reading!An unflinching look at the underbelly of what is done by some very cynical people in America's name. Like it or not this just might be the reason "some" people don't like us, and not that rubbish about them not liking us for our "freedoms". This book should be required reading for both progressives and conservatives alike in the hopes it will stop wars like this from happening again, but perhaps particularly for some of the chickenhawk warriors calling themselves neoconservatives.
  • Ry - Perfection...I am an IT and long time Asus fan. I've owned many laptops, desktops, phones, ect. By far this is top 3 best purchases I have ever made (Docking station included.) The tablet has no limit and the Android market is full of apps.
    I can't compare this to any tablets because it is the first for me to own. I didn't want to go with the standard APPLE iPad because I am discontent with their products. After doing a lot of research this baby by far topped the charts for what I was looking for.

    -Minor complaint about the Amethyst. I am not a fan of the color but I couldn't buy it in the Silver/Champagne because I'd hate for it to get confused with an iPad.

    -Great for trips! I am in the Navy and I take this thing every time we go underway. It's full of apps and with the docking station I can plug in my external hard drive and watch videos to keep me entertained.
    -Compact. It fits in the smallest of nooks and with the limited space I have it works much better than my 17.3in laptop.
    -Superb battery life
    -Wifi works. Some users have reported Wifi and GPS issues. I haven't experienced any issues with Wifi other than distance. I didn't expect this thing to have a OMG SUPER AMAZING wireless card. As far as GPS goes I haven't used it.
    -Media plays flawlessly on this tablet.
    -Filesystem. You are able to access the file system and move apps, photos, music, videos, games, ect. around freely without a "jailbreak."

    As an Asus fanboy I am quite pleased with the product. The only issue I have is the color but I bought it knowing that. It was fixed with the case and I can always buy a skin for it.
  • Sassy Scientist - Looooove Proactiv!When I turned 30 and saw acne on my forehead and chin it was the last straw for me. I ordered Proactiv from the company and in combination with my birth control regiment (ie, hormone control), Proactiv is extremely effective for me. When I was younger I used more harsh medications and would cry as my skin would peel off and turn so dry and flaky. Proactiv has never had this type of effect on me and I consider myself to have very sensitive skin. Because I have sensitive skin, my skin does have a bit of redness, but once I put on foundation (I use this mainly as sunprotection), it appears more 'pink' and radiant. Proactiv makes my skin very smooth and even toned and I NEVER have a breakout while using Proactiv along with my hormone control--but if I take a break from the product I can predictably expect a breakout in a week. I do recommend using a moisurizer along with the product. Also, I only use the cleanser once a day (in the morning). At night I use Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser (which does not container any scrubbing particles and is quite gentle) along with the other two components of the Proactiv kit.

    Now that I am 33 I still love the product, but I hated dealing with the company. For some reason, when you order the product it takes >2weeks for the product to arrive doing the standard $4.99 shipping option. Also, sometimes they would charge me $39.99 for the product and other times $49.99. On Amazon, not only can you always find a $39.99 option or less for the same product, but with Prime I get FREE shipping and it arrives on my doorstep a couple days after I order it. Yay!
  • JohnnyJohnston - Perfect unit!This is the umpteenth Garmin I have purchased, going all the way back to the big old units. I have never had much trouble with navigation on major highways, sometimes it may be off in remote areas. The lifetime maps are a wonderful feature, so I won't have to replace units every 4 or 5 years as in the past.
  • Dolamite - Works as expectedPut these on by myself, but it did take a few minutes to make sure they were pointed right before I slid them on. It also took me a couple minutes to realize the tiny dot on the roof rack was the mark that I was using to align the crossbars with. Much less of a dot than what is on the drawings. Anyhow, great product and happy with the purchase (placed on 2013 Honda Pilot).