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  • Elizabeth S. Case "Proust Gal" - I Can't Add More StarsI'm not going to add too many words to these reviews. I will say this. This is one of my all time favorite albums. I can recite this album from the "In the Flesh" right on through to "Outside The Wall". I'm not a famous rock musician. I'm not a male. I wasn't an English person born during World War II. My father was not killed in said war. But this album has said it all to me.

    Side Three is, to me, the most perfect, intense, sad, hard hitting, most beautific album side. Ever. A minor all the way folks! It still haunts me.

    This album got me through very hard times. "After all it's not easy banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall". Enough said.
  • kathleen handal - Consistently.... addresses needs of medical clinicians throughout the world. I send copies to colleagues abroad! Better than any other gift. Bravo for being different and staying the same!
  • M. Jones - Possibly the greatest work of 20th century literatureI am speechless. Never have I read a book from cover to cover half a dozen times and still been fascinated with the beautiful imagery and surprising plot twists. CAUTION!!! SPOILER: Who actually believed 70253212 was going to show up at the ending? This book has inspired me to become a writer, although I dare not think I shall ever come as close to perfection as the author.
  • Jennifer J Thomassian - An Ergo Meets a Bjorn!We bought the Cybex after hearing good things about it from a fellow mom of 3. Our now 7 month old loves facing out and seeing the world which is hard to do in the Ergo but easy in the Cybex. Similar to the Ergo, the carrier uses a waist strap to hold most of the baby's weight instead of the shoulders which makes is much easier on my body to use than the bjorn. You can also face the baby in just like the Ergo. We still love our ergo and use it also but the Cybex is in heavy rotation.