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  • oldcarguy - Bravo BobbiThis author is obviously a teacher, and a good one. Clear and concise, understandable even to the sub-neophyte, as am I. This book is an excellent road map that provides a clear path to a destination... in my case, setting up a small business accounting system. The Quicken 2012 Official Guide is inexpensive education... not an easy thing to find these days.
  • Erin Guidangen - Works so far!I don't really review products, but I wanted to take some time to review this product because I see so many one star reviews that simply say it doesn't work without giving any context as to what the person did as far as diet and exercise. I think the misconception is that this is some miracle supplement that is going to just magically make the pounds drop off. Anyone knows that if such a thing existed, we would all be thin and not having weight problems. So here is my review thus far. I started taking this on 9/15/13. I weighed myself 5 days later on my regular weekly weigh-in day (Friday) 9/20/13. I've already lost 3 pounds. This is what happened during those first 5 days.

    Some background on myself. I am a 28 year old female. I work a full-time desk job at home = extremely sedentary during the day. I do, however, try to make up for that by exercising 4-5 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. I do exercise that elevates my heart rate (eliptical, stair master, kickboxing class, spin, etc). My diet is not the greatest. I am not a clean eater and find it hard to get fruits and vegetables into my diet. However, I do try to limit my calorie intake since I move very little during my work day. I don't drink soda and I have junk food and fast food sparingly if not at all. On the weekends I do let loose on the reins. Usually Saturday I will have an unhealthy dinner and sometimes I will have 1-2 alcoholic beverages. Long story short, I'm just trying to get the point across that although my exercise routine is pretty good and I am making a conscious effort to watch what I eat, the weight would not budge. I get it, it's probably the weekends that kill me, but I think most of you would agree that not having a cheat day makes life extremely boring and more stressful overall on your weight loss goals.

    Soooo...I start taking this Garcinia Cambogia last Sunday, Sept 15th. Here's how I felt:
    *I did notice I was in a better mood. Something that is important to note is that I felt NOTHING when taking these supplements. I've taken diet pills before and you can feel everything from heart palpitations, jitters, irritability, stomach aches, etc. I wasn't sure if this stuff was even working, but of course my mind changed when Friday rolled around and I weighed in. I am extremely happy to be taking something that does not cause me any negative side effects. That's not to say everyone will have the same result because I'm not a doctor and I honestly don't know, but I sure did not feel anything negative as a result.
    *I lost my food cravings. I usually find that once I crave something, I HAVE to have it. This was not the case. I didn't feel like I was fighting with myself to not reach for a salty handful of potato chips. Even when Saturday came and it was time for me to have cheat day, there wasn't anything I was specifically craving.
    * It did suppress my appetite. I was not hungry as frequently. Normally in the mornings, I'll drink my protein shake that I have every day for breakfast and then not too long after I've finished it, I'm already wanting lunch. Now that I've been taking this product, it'll hold me over at least 1-2 hours longer which is amazing. When I'm starting to feel hungry, I know it's time to take the next round of supplements in preparation for my next meal. Doing so actually helps hold me over even longer. When I take this product immediately after my workout when I know I have am empty stomach, it helps me from not wanting to eat the entire fridge when I get home which is also great. That has been one of my biggest challenges, controlling my eating after a workout.
    *I actually lost weight. Like I mentioned earlier, after only 5 days I lost 3 pounds. I struggle with weight loss and I know it's probably because of my desk job and occasional unhealthy eating habits. My weight usually stays the same, or goes up or down 1-2 pounds. It is extremely frustrating considering that I do go hard at the gym and never sacrifice my workouts. I know it's all about lifestyle change in your eating habits to lose weight, but I feel like I've been doing as much as I can to watch what I eat without making myself super unhappy.

    Anyway, I know this was a lengthy review, but I really wanted to show that this product does work from the perspective of someone that is fairly human and not a health freak. Whether or not it will continue to work, I don't know, but I will definitely try to come back and post updates of my progress.
  • Rosemary Ymzon - Perfect winter readingThose of us who hang on every word written by the duo Preston and Child would not rate their stories less than five stars. The protagonist, Special Agent Pendergast, in his understated genius kind of way draws the readers through every page to the end all to quickly. Then we are like hungry children waiting the next novel. The stories are always fresh, the characters are dependable, the suspense delicious.
  • Bobby D. - Mostly Irresistible!This is a book that is charming, inventive and offers a tip of the hat to those who enjoy movies, movie stars, and Italy. It is a multi-character story that takes place over 50 years and opens as an Italian innkeeper who runs a backwater hotel on the forgotten village along the Cinque Terre coast. (The hotel has a great name, The Hotel Adequate View.) The innkeeper is working on repairing his non-repairable beach when he looks up and sees a beautiful American woman walking towards him from out of the sea. We soon learn she is on a secret trip attempting to get away from the film she is working on in Rome, which is Cleopatra staring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. This is really all you need to know as I prefer you discover all the various plot twists for yourself.

    Walter is a master at time travel as the book has many flashbacks and tangents and different character perspectives that all come together largely by the most unlikely of coincidences. Normally I would just give up on a book that relies so much on coincidence to make the story work. But here they are part of the entertainment so you do indeed fall under there spell. You know something is going to happen and some surprise awaits you within almost every chapter and you just smile, laugh and enjoy. This is really the most entertaining novel I have read in some time. Why? Well it is so well written and fun that it is mostly irresistible.
  • Ronald E. Foore "Eclectic Reader" - A Wonderful Civil War 150th Anniversary Gift to the WorldAnybody with more than just a passing familiarity with the Battle of Gettysburg will find this novel brilliantly written. As a history novel it is superb and apparently well-researched. It is rich with detail but mostly not to the point of bogging down the reader. From a literary viewpoint it is fast-paced and the descriptions of battle scenes are top-notch, gory, and captivating. While I found myself eventually glossing over a few paragraphs which were inserted by the author to provide some biographical insight for some of the enlisted men, which, for me, didn't seem to add much to the flow of the narrative, I found the story-line to be entertaining and informative. I would point out that this novel, in my opinion, complements Michael Shaara's Pulitzer Prize-winning, "The Killer Angels." To a Civil War neophyte, I might even suggest reading "The Killer Angels" first, then watching the DVD (I would recommed the new Director's Cut Blu-ray Disc) of the movie "Gettysburg" (with Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, and Martin Sheen), and finishing up with "Cain At Gettysburg." I would have liked the publisher to have included some pictures of the historical figures, and maybe even some prints of some of the locations (to my chagrine, I kept seeing in my minds eye, Tom Berenger as Longstreet and Martin Sheen as General Lee!) I highly recommend this novel.