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  • Tony Fisher - UK Users Read This!Users of the old UK versions of Quicken will find that it will not work on Windows 7 and many seem to be looking for a replacement since Quicken left the UK market some years ago. There are no really decent UK home finance programs. The answer is to buy the US version of Quicken Deluxe. It is easy to convert it so that British Pounds are your home currency. First off, choose Edit menu>Preferences>Quicken Program. Then select Calendar and Currencies and then tick the box marked Multicurrency Support. After that, click on Tools in the menu bar, then select Currency List, select UK Pound Sterling in the list and then click Home and OK. After that everything will be in Pounds.

    Quicken will allow you to open accounts in foreign currencies like the Euro if you have them and handles foreign currency much better that the rival programs.

    There are some Americanisms like "check" instead of "cheque" but they don't get in the way. Also, when you register, you need to disable the registration prompt because it needs a valid US based address. To do this, hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click on the Tools menu then One Step Update. I didn't know this so that I now live in Alaska and my zip code is 12345!

    When setting up new accounts, check the "Advanced Setup" at the top of the first box and then select manual entry to avoid problems. After that, all will be well.

    Quicken beats all the other home banking and finance programs hand down; it makes the competition look amateur. It is so much easier to work and much more sophisticated. It won't copy your previous Quicken data, but none of the other programs will either, despite what they claim.
  • disneybelle101 - Works wonders...just use it properly!!A year ago, I wrapped up a 6-month regiment of Accutane to address my severe acne. I noticed, however, that I began sweating...profusely. Sweating is apparently a very common after-effect of Accutane. Despite the amazing results I had from the medication in relation to my acne, it seemed like I stopped being self-conscious of one thing and started on another. I would start having underarm sweat as soon as I stepped out of the shower. Throughout the day, it wasn't uncommon for me to change my shirt at least once (to tell the truth, though, it was more like two or three times) because of the excessive amounts of underarm sweat I was dealing with. Many of the shirts I wear now have dark sweat stains on them. One of the most embarrassing things that happened was going wedding dress shopping. It was horrible because even though I only had on the dresses I tried on for a minute or two, the part of the dress under my armpits was wet with sweat. You can imagine my embarrassment. I was horrified because I realized I would be sweating even more on my wedding day, which reduced me to tears; I didn't want to feel gross on my wedding day and certainly didn't want to ruin my dress. I wanted to focus on what was important in a wedding, not worry about my armpits. I tried various antiperspirants, the most drastic of which was the day-and-night Certain Dri. I had absolutely no relief from the amount of sweating.

    I came across Sweat Block, and was very skeptical to buy into the hype. A towlette that you wipe on your armpits one night that solves your sweat problems for an entire week? I had my doubts. But I was also desperate and was willing to dish out $20 on something that had a chance of helping me - knowing I was running the risk of wasting $20 if the product didn't work. I'm so glad I made this purchase. The difference made has been incredible. My underarm sweat has been reduced substantially. I still sweat, but it's back to a normal amount. Now, let me give some advice to potential buyers.

    1. Don't feel you have to stick to the instructions. What I do is open one towlette and use it every night for seven days. I do that by keeping it in a ziploc bag. It's more effective that way.
    2. Put it on AT NIGHT. The first time I used it, I used it in the morning and still had sweat problems. It needs to be applied when your sweat glands are less active.
    3. Don't stop using your own deodorant or antiperspirant. This is meant to be used in addition to what you normally use.

    I would advise anyone who suffers from excessive sweat (whether as a natural condition or as the result of medication, as in my case) to use Sweat Block. I don't normally write reviews to promote a certain product because I know not everyone will like it the same way I do, but I made an exception here because I want others to know this isn't a gimmick. It truly has made a difference and I am a much more confident person today than before I started using Sweat Block - which was only a week and a half ago!! This truly is a worthwhile product and definitely worth the $20!
  • Kalee A. Taylor - Always Fast!I'm happy to give 5 stars! My favorite foundation is half the price here than it is in stores. You know when you realize you're running low on foundation? Well, for me, I always think its too late and I'll for surely be empty by the time I order something and it actually gets to my house. Not here! Always fast and in my mailbox within like 3 days. Awesome. Highly recommend!
  • JOHN B KORONDY - Awesome product, super reliableWell packaged and protected, well documented in many languages. The product is super reliable and very fast (with USB 3.0). I have never imagined needing 5TB of external storage, but as avid video takers, these movies eat up a lot of storage.

    The drive plays well with the Seagate Dashboard and Memeo Instant Backup, albeit I use a different external drive for backup.
  • IAN BRUCE-DOUGLAS "AZLBRAX" - EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE AND MORE!We have used the basic Trend Micro Internet Security anti-virus software for years because it is one of the highest rated programs of its kind on the market and seems to do a pretty good job. So, I was curious to see if the Titanium version is that much better and worth the extra cost.

    All I can say is "Wow!"

    Titanium is much more aggressive than the basic version. It seems to go after a wider variety of problems besides just viruses. It also goes after spyware, cookies and what it calls "web threats". I'm not really sure what these are but Trend Micro Titanium stopped 10 of them in less than a week. Since we both work online and spend many hours on the `Net daily, it's reassuring to know that this software is looking over our shoulders and protecting us from possible damage to our computers. I like that it gives us a great deal of flexibility over what features we use, how often we use them and if we want to schedule regular maintenance. It also contains two other useful features: "System Tuner" and "Secure Erase". System Tuner recovers disk space, makes Windows start faster, cleans up IM history and optimizes a computer's performance. Secure Erase overwrites unwanted files seven times with random data so they are unreadable. (Please realize that "erased" files are never truly erased but are merely hidden on your hard drive!) Secure Erase meets the U.S. Government's data security standards.

    Besides all of this, Trend Micro Titanium contains one really impressive feature called "Deep Cleaner". To quote Trend Micro's documentation: "Although your security software can effectively identify most kind of malicious software, some of these programs can block the standard techniques used to remove them from your computer. If your security software finds signs of such malicious programs during a scan, the scan results will recommend that you launch the Trend Micro Deep Cleaner." If you're smart, you'll follow this recommendation. What happens then is that Deep Cleaner reboots the computer without starting Windows and attempts to remove any security threats it finds. All you have to do is to follow any online prompts it gives you. After it's finished, it will restart Windows in the usual way. This is a whole other layer of protection not found in the basic version of Trend Micro Internet Security.

    So is Trend Micro Titanium worth the extra money? If you're only an occasional Internet user, probably not...although I would highly recommend the basic Trend Micro Internet Security software or some other anti-virus program. It is absolutely foolhardy to go online without protection! If, however, you depend on the Internet for your livelihood or just spend hours online chatting, playing games or visiting a variety of sites for whatever reason, then you want as many protective firewalls as possible between you and hackers, spam, spyware and malicious software.

    Trend Micro Titanium is aggressive "take no prisoners" protection and well worth the extra money. Purchase it ASAP!